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    ​Our website is working towards conforming to the Web content accessibility guidelines 2.0 and meet the single A standard.


    All documents on our website that were created after July 2010 are available in an accessible format including, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and rich text.

    Most documents on our website that were created before July 2010 are also available in accessible formats.


    Each page has a hidden skip to content link that enables screen readers to move to the content area, bypassing navigation.

    Main navigation will still function if browser scripting is disabled. Scripting only enhances user experience by exposing sub-level links.

    The A – Z index is a topic-based list of items regularly accessed by local government. This list supplies users quick access to information relating to each topic in the index.

    The site map in the homepage footer allows users to quickly navigate to specific pages in the policy and services area.

    Font size

    Fonts on our website can be increased or decreased using the text size icon. This icon is located at the top right hand side of every page under the search box.

    You can also change the font size through the 'View' menu on your internet browser's toolbar.


    Most links are text-based and include alt text.

    Link rollovers are high-contrast so they are easily distinguished from regular text.


    Most pages on our website are optimised for printing offline and are designed for hardcopy and legibility. Using 'Print this page' will remove navigation menus and other design elements, wrap the text and make the font face print-ready.

    Contact us

    If you find any accessibility issues, email