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Council elections

Council elections are held every four years on the fourth Saturday in October. The next council elections will take place on 22 October 2016. All 79 Victorian councils will hold either postal or attendance elections.

Visit the Victorian Electoral Commission for further information about the conduct of the 2016 council elections.

Prospective candidates can find out further information about becoming a councillor, including what the role involves, campaigning tips and other advice on our Stand for Council pages. As councils confirm their bookings for candidate briefing sessions, these dates will be published online. It is anticipated that briefing sessions will run between May and September 2016.

Key election dates 2016

Important dates for the 2016 council elections include:

2016 council election dates​​
Friday 26 August​ ​Entitlement date at 4.00pm
​Wednesday 14 September ​Election offices open to the public
​Thursday 15 September ​Certification of the voters' roll
Opening of nominations
​Tuesday 20 September ​Close of nominations at 12 noon
Ballot draws to determine the ballot paper orders
​Wednesday 21 September ​Opening of early voting and postal voting (attendance elections)
Opening of lodgement of how-to-vote cards for registration (attendance elections)
Deadline for personal statements and photographs at 12 noon (postal elections)
​Friday 23 September ​Deadline for indications of preferences at 12 noon (postal elections)
​Friday 14 October ​Deadline for lodging how-to-vote cards for registration at 12 noon (attendance elections)
​Friday 21 October ​Close of voting for postal elections at 6.00pm
Close of early voting for attendance elections at 6.00pm
​Saturday 22 October ​Election day voting 8.00am to 6.00pm (attendance elections)

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