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Governance in local government

Good governance in local government requires councils to work towards:

  • participation
  • consensus
  • accountability
  • transparency
  • responsiveness
  • efficiency
  • equitability
  • legal compliance¬†

Good governance is critical to forming and maintaining both internal and external relationships that are positive for all parties.

We provide sector-wide advice on governance issues and assist individual councils on a broad range of internal and external governance matters.

Council plan good practice guide

The Council plan good practice guide (Word - 525KB) contains information on:

  • the purpose of the council plan (2013-17)
  • the suggested framework and structure
  • linkages
  • definitions
  • principles.

It is not intended to be a universal approach as every council will have variations as to layout and content.

We are planning to benchmark council plans in 2013 and to identify showcase councils as a means of sharing knowledge across the sector.

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