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Stand for council

​Seventy-eight Victorian councils held elections in October 2016. (Geelong City Council held an election in 2017.)

Make the transition from citizen to councillor by finding out everything you need to know about standing for council and local government.

Why stand
What's it take
*How to do it *What you need to know *Briefing sessions

Could I be a councillor?

You could be a councillor if you are:

  • interested in improving your community
  • an Australian citizen
  • 18 or over on election day
  • a resident or ratepayer

There are some qualifications and disqualifications that may prevent you from becoming a councillor, even if you meet the criteria above. Learn more about how to run for election.

Download Citizen to Councillor booklet

Citizen to Councillor booklet

Most of the information on this website about standing for council is available in a print-friendly booklet.

The publication contains an addendum reflecting changes to the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2016.

Download Citizen to Councillor – a guide for prospective councillors (PDF - 976KB).

About local government

Local government is the government closest to the people. It creates the foundations for democracy and accountability.

Local councils govern, provide services and advocate. Most importantly, they create opportunities for citizens to influence and participate in the democratic process and the decisions that shape our society and local communities.

Listen to audio

Listen to Rob Spence, MAV CEO, talk about why you should consider standing for council. You can also download the audio file.

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