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Board members

​Members on the Board of Management have responsibility for the conduct of our affairs in accordance with the Rules of Association and the Municipal Association Act 1907.

This includes, financial management, policy direction and general principles of engagement with the sector.

These duties are stated in the Rules of Association clauses 30.1.1, 30.1.2, 30.1.3, 30.1.4, 30.1.5, 30.1.6, 30.1.7, 30.1.8, 30.1.9, 30.1.10, 30.1.11, 30.1.12, 30.1.13, 30.1.14 and 30.1.15.

In addition to this the Board of Management has endorsed the following statements regarding Board members’ roles and responsibilities.


The role of Board members is to promote the MAV and its policy aims, and represent their region at the MAV.


While details of the consultation processes between Board members and their regional representatives will be a matter for each member to negotiate, members will:

  • have regular contact with their MAV representatives
  • provide a regular report to MAV representatives, which will comprise as a minimum information about the monthly Board decisions. This information will be developed by the organisation and provided to Board members by the organisation
  • meet in person with MAV representatives from their region at MAV-sponsored functions where possible
  • be available for feedback from MAV representatives
  • promote the role of the MAV representative and encourage councillors to become representatives

Also, Board members will:

  • report to State Council and annual meetings on their region’s perspective on issues when requested
  • attend any meeting or function in their regions where the president or a deputy president is present, where appropriate
  • undertake representation on committees, working groups and other groups as requested by the Board
  • maintain a watching brief on regional issues and developments

Obligation to vote

All Board members present at a Board meeting must vote unless they are prohibited from doing so.