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Staff meetingWe employ a range of people with different areas of expertise, including staff:

  • whose primary focus is policy support and advice, capacity-building programs and advocacy for Victorian councils
  • funded from Victorian or Australian Government grants to deliver specific programs and projects for Victorian councils
  • employed as specialist consultants to provide support across a range of functions including, finance, insurance and business development
  • working for our communications, media, IT, corporate support and events teams
  • from other local government based groups including, Timber Towns Victoria, Rural Councils Victoria, Public Libraries Victoria Network and the Association of Bayside Municipalities.

Our team reflects the changing needs of the local government sector.

Work for MAV

We post our job vacancies on our Work for us page, LinkedIn and a number of job search websites.

Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to be updated on our employment opportunities.

Work for council

To find council job vacancies, see: Work for council.

Professional development opportunities

If you already work in local government, the MAV offers a range of professional development courses to improve your knowledge and skills.