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Cranlana Programme

The Cranlana Programme Colloquium Scholarship gives one councillor the opportunity to join a leadership program with 20 other leaders from corporate, not-for-profit and government organisations.

We offer scholarships to this program twice a year.

About the Cranlana Programme Colloquium

The Colloquium is a six-day leadership program run by the Cranlana Programme, an independent, not-for-profit with the objective of cultivating wisdom in leadership.

Leaders are often faced with making difficult decisions where there may not always be a clear choice between right and wrong, and where tensions exist between social, economic and environmental forces such as public expectations and business interests. The Colloquium equips leaders with a set of value-based frameworks to enable them to make better and more just decisions. This is achieved by giving them a rare opportunity to take themselves out of their environment for a few days to think about the bigger picture – what is the good to society and their role, as leaders, within it?

The Colloquium gives participants the time to reflect on matters of responsibility and ethical behaviour in an independent and confidential environment led by expert moderators who are trained in the Cranlana Programme method of structured roundtable discussion.

Each participant receives a set of selected readings a month before the programme, which form the basis of discussions among the group. These readings are taken from a number of influential texts that have shaped the foundations of Australian society, from classical philosophers to contemporary 21st century writers.

Participants are able to consider the practical application of ideas canvassed in the readings to their own business context. The method is not prescriptive or training based, but designed to encourage shared enquiry among peers to stimulate new and adaptive thinking.

This program is valued at $8,360 and is awarded twice a year.

2018 Cranlana Executive Programme

The 2018 Cranlana Executive Programme Round dates are:

  • Round One: 22 July to 27 July
  • Round Two: 28 October to 2 November

The MAV is opening applications for both rounds.

2018 Cranlana Colloquium Round One Application Dates

Applications open: Friday 9 March

Applications close: 5:00pm Friday 27 April

Selection phase: Monday 30 April to Thursday 31 May

Successful candidate announced: 10 June 2018

2017 Cranlana Colloquium Application Outcomes

The MAV would like to acknowledge and recognise the selected candidates for the 2017 Cranlana Executive Programme:

Round One recipient: Cr Kylie Gaston, Warrnambool City Council

Round Two recipient: Cr Kris Bolam JP, Frankston City Council.


For more information about the Cranlana Programme Scholarship, visit the Cranlana Programme website or contact:

Julie Saylor-Briggs
Councillor Development Officer
03 9667 5549

Sam Guttridge
Business Development - Director
The Cranlana Programme​
03 9827-2660