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June 2018

Place Measurement Workshop with Kylie Legge

Tuesday 19 June

This interactive workshop introduced participants to the concepts, tools and value of place measurement.

2018 MAV Procurement and Contract Management Excellence Series

Monday 7 May to Monday 18 June

Bring your procurement and contract management skills up-to-date with MAV’s 2018 Procurement & Contract Management Excellence Series. This training series has been designed specifically for local government staff with contract management and procurement functions.

2018 National Local Government Infrastructure and Asset Management Conference

Thursday 7 June to Friday 8 June

This conference provided insights into how to ensure the financial sustainability of councils.

Liveable Age-Friendly Communities

Friday 1 June

The Masterclass assisted participants in learning more about how AARP is working in partnership with States and councils on this ‘age-friendly’ direction which will help create more liveable, sustainable and ultimately resilient communities.

Rural and Regional Planning Conference

Thursday 31 to Friday 1 June

This conference covered planning topics including sustainable housing, planning assessment for renewable energy, and infrastructure contributions.

Mayoral Training Program

Friday 9 February to Friday 1 June

The Mayoral Training Program provided a series of professional development training events designed for mayors and deputy mayors.

May 2018

2018 Future of Local Government National Summit

Wednesday 30 May to Thursday 31 May

We are in the midst of a crisis of confidence in government and governance. These issues were discussed by an array of Australian and international presenters supported by co-design input from attendees.

Building Connected & Resilient Communities

Tuesday 29 May

This workshop discussed international developments in building connected and resilient communities. Facilitated by Andrew Walker, Policy Researcher for the UK Local Government Information Unit (LGIU).

Councillor Professional Development Training Program

Friday 16 February to Friday 25 May

The MAV councillor professional development training program offers a range of training pathways for councillors and council officers.

LGBTI Aged Care Sector Training

Tuesday 1 May

Getting older can mean feeling both invisible and under surveillance. For older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) Victorians, this can pose a particular set of problems, especially in the aged care system. This free training for council aged care providers aimed to ensure they are resourced to incorporate LGBTI inclusive practices.

April 2018

Parking Master Class: Parking for Politicians

Thursday 26 April

Steven Burgess, an Engineer and Urban Strategist, discussed the real and imaginary issues with parking in our villages, towns and cities.

National Local Government Conference: Reinvent.LGov

Wednesday 18 April to Thursday 19 April

Reinvent.LGov was a skills development event where participants found out about innovations and community-first initiatives from councils from around Australia.

Ten Stormwater Management Best Practices

Wednesday 18 April

Andrew Reese, Vice President of Amec Foster Wheeler and a leading international expert on stormwater management, discussed the ten stormwater management best practices leading cities and towns have employed to mature their stormwater programs.

March 2018

State-wide Maternal and Child Health Conference

Friday 23 March

This conference provided an opportunity for the MCH workforce to come together and learn about a range of subjects and areas that impact on the Maternal and Child Health Service.

Smart Urban Futures

Wednesday 21 March to Thursday 22 March

This conference provided both inspiration and practical pathways for delivering smart urban futures, no matter how large or small your community.

MAV Technology Conference

Sunday 18 March to Wednesday 21 March

The MAV Technology Annual Conference was huge! We welcomed delegates from the local government ICT associations of the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, in addition to delegates from interstate LG ICT associations.

Communications and Engagement Strategy Masterclass

Tuesday 13 & 20 March

In this two-day workshop, participants will learn how to develop a strategic plan to raise awareness and understanding of their service, program or project, and inspire support and collaboration for better community, economic and environmental outcomes.

February 2018

Great Places and Smarter Parking

Wednesday 28 February

This one-day workshop, presented by Dr David Mepham, looked at parking from an urban planning and design perspective with a focus on place quality, local social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Power to the People

Tuesday 27 February

This workshop explored the role and implications for councillors and council officers in moving from being experts to stewards and facilitators of empowered communities.

National Local Government Information Management Conference

Wednesday 21 February to Thursday 22 February

This conference had a strong focus on data and information management in the new digital workplace and included: significant transformative case studies from around Australia, international learnings and Federal Government policies.

AICD Company Directors Course

Monday 29 January to Friday 2 February

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Company Directors Course is essential for the professional development of anyone who wants to further their directorship skills and knowledge. Participants included executive and non-executive directors, CEOs and senior executives who report to boards.

January 2018

Gender Equality Legislation Consultation

Wednesday 24 January

The MAV hosted a consultation session for senior council officers to inform the development of Victorian gender equality legislation.

December 2017

BESS Advanced Training

Monday 11 December

A full day training course on how to use the BESS tool to assess the sustainability performance of buildings, including large and small residential, non-residential and mixed use developments.

2017 Mayors' Induction Day

Thursday 7 December

This full-day program for new and returning mayors was designed to draw out the real world challenges and experiences of mayors and provided a rich opportunity to learn, debate, challenge and understand the complexities of being mayor.

The Future of Communities: Power to the People Conference

Tuesday 5 December to Wednesday 6 December

Australia’s only national community engagement conference: highlighting innovative ways to create vibrant communities led by active, caring and engaged citizens.

Rebooting Democracy National Tour

Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December

These workshops, facilitated by Cormac Russell, are designed to facilitate a strategic conversation regarding the process of an authentic and effective shift from government-centric top-down approaches to citizen-centred bottom-up approaches to democracy.

November 2017

Establishing Community Advisory Boards

Monday 27 November

This workshop, facilitated by David Hammond, explored a successful new approach to re-engaging communities in decision-making, projects and community priorities through a new community-led governance structure, called a ‘Community Advisory Board’ in New Zealand.

BESS Domestic Training

Wednesday 22 November

A half-day training course on how to use the BESS tool to assess the sustainability performance of single residential and townhouse developments of up to 10 dwellings.

National Local Government Human Resources Conference 2017

Wednesday 15 November to Friday 17 November

Themed 'Brave New World' the 2017 National Local Government Human Resources Conference was for all HR professionals interested in the people issues facing local governments across Australia. Hosted by Local Government NSW in partnership with all the state associations around Australia, this conference was an opportunity to hear from a range of dynamic and experienced speakers while meeting like-minded colleagues from interstate.

Writing Our Story: Creating a New History

Thursday 9 November

In this year's seminar, LibMark explored the synergies in our approach to building the 'library brand', and how we could consolidate and create a new history, a new perception and a shared identity.

State-wide Maternal and Child Health Conference

Friday 3 November

This conference provided an opportunity for the MCH workforce to come together and learn about a range of subjects and areas that impact on the Maternal and Child Health Service.

Revolution or Evolution? Rethinking Main Street/Place Access and Mobility

Thursday 2 November

Dr David Mepham has 25 years of academic and professional experience in transit planning, parking policy and local access and place planning. In this workshop participants received an overview of local government's critical role in protecting and enhancing local place access and mobility challenges and opportunities within the local government sector.

October 2017

MAV Technology October Forum

Tuesday 31 October

This day-long forum focussed on mobility, activity-based working, collaborative business transformation and agile methodologies. We heard from metro and regional councils who were at various stages of enabling and implementing these new ways of working.

LinkedIn and Local Government in Victoria

Friday 27 October

With more than 500 million members globally and over 8.9 million members in Australia, LinkedIn is Australia’s most powerful career building platform. The MAV in partnership with LinkedIn developed a proposed local government solution to help address key strategic issues for the sector.

MAV Annual Conference and Dinner

Thursday 19 October

This year's MAV Annual Conference and Dinner looked at a number of issues facing councils today, including how councils can be embedded more into their communities.

Social Media for Emergency Situations

Wednesday 18 October to Thursday 19 October

The majority of Victorians are now using social media on a daily basis. They're connecting with friends, collaborating with workmates, seeking and sharing news easily via the web and mobile apps. When emergencies hit, communities are turning to these platforms for information and assistance. Participants learnt when and how their councils should communicate via social media.

BESS Advanced Training

Wednesday 18 October

A full day training course on how to use the BESS tool to assess the sustainability performance of buildings, including large and small residential, non-residential and mixed use developments.

Innovation Communities for Better Outcomes Masterclass

Tuesday 17 October

This Masterclass discussed how to better manage the hard with the soft (process, systems and tools versus culture, community and collaboration) to build real solutions by collaborating with the community.

2017 Procurement & Contract Management Excellence Series: Round Two

Thursday 24 August to Thursday 12 October

This series incorporated a variety of courses, designed to build general and more specific skills in procurement and contract management within the context of local government.

Summer Preparedness - Local Government Briefing Day

Tuesday 3 October

The Department of Justice once again hosted an annual summer preparedness briefing day for council communications and emergency management officers. The event covered a number of bushfire and heat-related campaign and policy updates.

September 2017

Communities Without Borders: Council Collaboration for Social Cohesion

Tuesday 26 September

The 2017 Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network Annual Forum focussed on how councils could leverage their work through partnerships and collaborations to achieve better outcomes to strengthen social cohesion across their communities.

Engagement LAB: How to Innovate Community and Staff Engagement

Wednesday 20 September

It can be challenging to engage people nowadays. Their time is precious. There are plenty of competing priorities. In this stimulating one-day workshop with 'Changeologist' Les Robinson participants experienced ways to design community and workplace engagement projects that people would want to participate in.


Thursday 14 September

MAVHack brought together subject matter experts and service users from councils, business, government, academia and the community who worked together over two days to find new approaches for addressing disabled parking, illegal dumping of waste and poor recycling practices planning.

BESS Domestic Training

Wednesday 13 September

A half-day training course on how to use the BESS tool to assess the sustainability performance of single residential and townhouse developments of up to 10 dwellings.

Public Libraries Victoria Network Children's and Youth Services Professional Development Forum

Friday 8 September

The Public Libraries Victoria Network Children's and Youth Services September forum had a central focus on programming for Tween’s with presentations from Victorian Public Library Children's and Youth Services staff.

Social Media for Local Government Workshop and Masterclassm

Thursday 7 September to Friday 8 September

Social media allows local government to quickly and effectively distribute information to stakeholders, but it's more than just creating viral or “thumb stopping” content. Social media for local government was a one-day program with an optional half-day mobile and online video production Masterclass.

2017 Sustainable Communities National Summit

Wednesday 6 September to Thursday 7 September

By 2050, there will be an increase of 6.4 billion people in the world, almost double from 2010. The Transition Movement is comprised of vibrant, grassroots community initiatives that seek to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as energy constraints, climate change and the economic crisis.

Whatever the Problem: Community is the Answer

Tuesday 5 September

Empowering communities: from intentions to actions was an inspiring day with Margaret Wheatley, one of the world's most sought after and influential throught leaders. This event explored the 2017 Future of Local Government Declaration; "To play a valued and effective role in a new system of cummunity based governance, councils need to legislsate flexbility and scope to take further steps along the road to localism. "

August 2017

Level Crossing Removals - Unknown Unknowns and Unintended Consequences for Local Councils

Wednesday 30 August

A study of the Victorian Level Crossing Removal project by Dr David Mepham found a number of significant access impacts that pose a risk to local amenity and economy, which typically fall to local government to address. Dr Mepham facilitated this workshop to understand and remediate the issues arising from the level crossing removal project.

MAV Arts and Culture Workshop

Thursday 17 August

VicHealth, Arts Centre Melbourne, the Office for Youth, Department of Health & Human Services and Visit Victoria came together to provide council officers with an understanding of their organisations, their strategic plans and the opportunities they offer Victorian communities.

Showcase: Local Government Innovation in Preventing Violence Against Women

Wednesday 16 August

This event was an opportunity to hear about some of the latest innovative practice and learning opportunities occurring in local government to prevent violence against women and embed gender equality in action.

The Art of Creating Great Mainstreets & Public Spaces

Tuesday 15 August

This unique and inspiring one day Masterclass explained the art and science of creating great mainstreets and public spaces with two of Australia’s leading place practitioners: Gilbert Rochecouste, Managing Director of Village Well and Steven Burgess, Principal of MRCagney.

Re-imagining Government: Public Leadership in the Digital Age

Monday 7 August

This workshop examined the unprecedented change now occurring in the public sector, as we transition to digital government. The "internet of things " is now becoming a practical reality and big data analysis has begun to be used in politics and public life.

Inclusive Aged and Disability Workshops

Thursday 3 August

Our 'Working with Residents from a Migrant, Refugee or Asylum Seeker' workshop was aimed at local government HACCPYP/CHSP staff to be inclusive of clients who are from migrant, refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds.

July 2017

Bike Share Workshop

Monday 31 July

Transport for Victoria and Municipal Association Victoria ran this workshop to provide an overview of the issue of bike share schemes in Victoria and commence consultation with local government. This was the first of a series of briefings and consultation occurring on a wide range of issues concerning dockless share bikes.

Councillor Development Weekend 2017

Friday 28 July to Sunday 30 July

Celebrating 18 years, MAV Councillor Development Weekend is the principal training, development and networking event for Victorian councillors.

BESS Advanced Training

Wednesday 19 July

A full day training course on how to use the BESS tool to assess the sustainability performance of buildings, including large and small residential, non-residential and mixed use developments.

Privacy and Data Protection Workshop

Wednesday 19 July

The Office of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) hosted this workshop which was targeted at Victorian local government employees who wished to gain a better understanding of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and how it applies to them.

June 2017

Maternal and Child Health Centenary

Friday 30 June

This centenary brought together councils and State Government in celebration of the 100 year history of Maternal and Child Health services that have improved the lives of Victorians.

Rural and Regional Planning Conference

Thursday 29 June to Friday 30 June

This years' conference considered a range of alternative approaches to planning and shaping communities with a focus on sustainability. Economic, social and environmental challenges that Victorian planners face now and in the future were also explored.

Writing for the Web Workshop

Thursday 29 June

This full-day training workshop gave participants a suite of tools and resources related to ‘writing for the web’ that was tailored to local government requirements.

2017 National Local Government Infrastructure and Asset Management Conference

Monday 26 June to Tuesday 27 June

This conference was about ensuring the financial sustainability of your council.

Councillor Development Program

Thursday 2 February to Friday 23 June

MAV Training’s councillor development program was designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills to support councillors to perform their role as defined in the Local Government Act 1989.

Measuring Place Value

Friday 16 June

The MAV convened a workshop to assist local governments to establish better methodologies for measuring place experience and value, with facilitators Kylie Legge and Steven Burgess.

Deliberative Community Engagement Masterclass

Thursday 15 June

This masterclass provided a practical overview of emerging deliberative methods and frameworks for engaging citizens in complex planning dilemmas presented by Max Hardy.

VAGO Planning Audit

Thursday 1 June

Significant planning system reform is on the agenda again. Maree Bethel, Manager – Performance Audit at the Victorian Auditor General’s Office gave her observations from the latest VAGO review of the planning system Managing Victoria’s Planning System for Land Use and Development released in March.

May 2017

Review of Melbourne Urban Stormwater Institutional Arrangements

Wednesday 31 May

As part of the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning conducted a preliminary session to introduce the strategy and facilitate discussions with Victorian councils.

Better Municipal Futures with Dr Jonathan Carr-West (UK)

Monday 29 May

This one day workshop focused on what kind of change the sector aims to achieve with UK presenter Dr Jonathan Carr-West, who has been Chief Executive of the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU), the UK local democracy think tank, since 2013.

2017 Future of Local Government National Summit

Thursday 25 May to Friday 26 May

We are in the midst of a crisis of confidence in government and governance. These issues were discussed by an array of Australian and international presenters supported by co-design input from attendees.

2017 Procurement & Contract Management Excellence Series: Round One

Wednesday 15 March to Thursday 25 May

This series incorporated a variety of courses, designed to build general and more specific skills in procurement and contract management within the context of local government.

MAV Arts and Culture Network Workshop

Thursday 18 May

The MAV Arts and Culture Network Workshop was designed to inform and update those responsible for council arts sector development, budgets and programs. Participants met leaders of Victoria's Industry peak bodies, and came to understand how Creative State may effect strategic planning.


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