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MAV Technology public wi-fi report


Wi-fi signalMAV Technology has launched a report on Implementing Public Wi-Fi Services for Local Government (PDF - 1.37MB), which includes a collection of research and case studies relevant for councils looking to implement, or grow an existing public Wi-Fi service.

The report includes:

  • Research material related to the design, implementation, use and ongoing management of public Wi-Fi services
  • Case studies from across Victoria and the globe, focused on Victorian councils
  • Case studies from other sectors - both private and public
  • Details of technologies available that are relevant to local government
  • Business models that support the sustainable use of public Wi-Fi
  • Policy and process for the effective management of public Wi-Fi.

The report was commissioned by MAV Technology and developed by Charlie Mac and Associates over the period December 2014 to January 2015.

As part of the report a wiki has been created by MAV Technology, where members can download all the background and reference materials, post updates and make comments.

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