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We are currently looking for people to fill seven positions within the new MAV Workcare unit.

MAV Workcare

We are seeking to employ people with initiative, drive and relevant technical skills, to manage and build the development and expansion of the newly created MAV Workcare scheme.

MAV Workcare is a workers’ compensation self-insurance scheme for the local government sector which commences on 1 November 2017 with 31 founding council members. The Workcare unit has overall accountability and responsibility for achieving improved performance and delivering safety outcomes for all of the scheme's member employees.

We are currently recruiting for the following seven positions in the MAV Workcare unit:

The recruitment for all these positions is being managed by Safety People Australia.

Contact Rachel McGregor, Account Manager, Safety People Australia for more details on 03 8677 5517.

Why work for us

The Municipal Association of Victoria is the peak representative and lobbying body for Victoria's 79 councils. The MAV was formed in 1879 and the Municipal Association Act 1907 anointed the MAV the official voice of local government in Victoria.

Today, the MAV is a driving and influential force behind a strong and strategically positioned local government sector. Our role is to represent and advocate the interests of local government, lobby for a 'fairer deal' for councils, raise the sector's profile, ensure its long-term security and provide policy advice, strategic advice, capacity building programs and insurance services to local government.

The motto of the Municipal Association of Victoria is ‘pro bono publico’ – “For the public good.” Through our activities we improve the lives of all Victorians.

You can help us in our valuable work.

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