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Municipal Emergency Management Enhancement Group

​We are a member of the Municipal Emergency Management Enhancement Group (MEMEG), a state-level committee of local government and other emergency management agencies.

It supports and advises local government emergency management practitioners and advocates on behalf of the local government sector on emergency management strategy and policy.

Other member-organisations include:

  • Country Fire Authority
  • Department of Sustainability and Environment
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade
  • municipal councils
  • Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner
  • Victoria State Emergency Service
  • Victoria Police.

We provide executive officer support to MEMEG.

MEMEG protocols & practice notes

Sourcing supplementary response resources

The Sourcing supplementary response resources practice note (Word - 274KB) assists councils in clarifying the policy and procedures governing the sourcing of supplementary emergency response resources from other councils.

It brings together existing direction and information from the Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Emergency management manual Victoria. Municipal resources are defined and the role and responsibilities of the municipal emergency resource officer is clarified.

The practice note is endorsed by the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner and Victoria Police.

The practice note should be discussed by municipal emergency management planning committees and local supplementary resource arrangements should be reviewed.

Operation of a municipal emergency coordination centre

Operation of a municipal emergency coordination centre (Word - 2.4MB) provides best-practice advice and guidance to councils and emergency management practitioners when establishing and operating a municipal emergency coordination centre.

It aims to provide a level of consistency in municipal emergency coordination centre operations within Victoria, which will help councils to assist each other in emergency events when required. The information in the practice note is based on the collective experience of many councils that have undergone emergencies.

Standard municipal emergency contact protocol

Councils should consider adopting the Standard municipal emergency contact protocol (Word - 59.1KB) to help simplify the contact process for all stakeholders and alleviate some of the logistical burden of maintain up-to-date emergency contact lists.