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Capability improvement

 ​​We are implementing a number of programs to assist councils in delivering emergency management services. 

Capability building project

We are developing programs, activities, self-sustaining tools and resources to build the capability of councils in their emergency management role.

Projects include the development of the local government emergency management handbook and the creation of a local government emergency management e-library.

Read more information about the capability building project.

Performance measurement

The on-going measurement of performance against realistic standards is an important aspect of capability improvement.

We are collaborating with the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner in developing effective performance measurement regimes for emergency management in local government that meet internal and external requirements.

Read more information about performance measurement.

Municipal Emergency Management Enhancement Group

We are a member of the Municipal Emergency Management Enhancement Group (MEMEG), a state-level committee of local government and emergency management agencies.

The group supports and advises local government emergency management practitioners, and advocates on behalf of local government in emergency management strategy and policy.

MEMEG has developed a number of practice notes including:

Read more information about the Municipal Emergency Management Enhancement Group.

Emergency Management System – MECC Central

Our statewide IT solutions for incident management project has resulted in MECC Central emergency management software being adopted by 74 councils. This has built greater resilience and capacity within Victorian local government to support emergency management.

The project has been recognised with a commendation in the 2012 Resilient Australia Awards (Victoria).

The MECC Central software, developed by Datalink Internet Systems, is a web-based system that interacts with mobile devices and mapping. It also enables improved task tracking, resource management, record management and financial reporting, reducing the reliance on paper-based systems.

Read more information about MECC Central.

Resource sharing protocol

We developed the protocol for inter-council emergency management resource sharing in association with MEMEG.

This protocol facilitates an agreed position among councils regarding the provision of municipal resources to assist other councils with response and recovery tasks during and after emergencies.

Most Victorian councils are now signatories.

Read more information about the resource sharing protocol.

Emergency Recovery Fund

Following the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires and the 2011 January – February flood events, we activated the MAV Emergency Recovery Fund to coordinate the collection and distribution of donations from local government authorities across Australia.

The fund is only open to contributions from local government authorities.