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Incident management system: Crisisworks

We procured an incident management system that provides a cost-effective IT system for Victorian councils to use in emergency management.

This project provided councils with a product that can:

  • enable faster responses to requests
  • distribute situation reports
  • upload images of damage sent from mobile devices
  • map where resources are needed or deployed
  • provide a process for tracking requests through to completion.

Crisisworks also supports councils in establishing emergency relief centres and initiating the provision of recovery services for the community at an early stage.

As 74 of Victoria’s 79 councils have now purchased the software, there is a high degree of standardisation across the state and transferable skills across municipalities. This significantly increases the resilience of council operations during emergencies by enabling resource-sharing between councils.

Access can also be enabled for non-council agencies, such as the incident control agency and police, whether or not they are physically located within the MECC. For example, the software can provide an interface between the incident control centre and the MECC, significantly streamlining communications.

For more information about purchasing the system, contact MAV Procurement on

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