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Bushfire risks & electricity assets

In response to the Energy Safe Victoria’s (ESV) Review of statutory provisions governing bushfire risk mitigation in relation to electricity assets we lodged a submission to ESV bushfire mitigation review discussion paper (Word - 965KB) in June 2012 and a submission to ESV bushfire mitigation review white paper (Word - 153KB) in November 2012.

In both submissions we noted our concern that the review, although ostensibly about bushfire mitigation, all but ignores the critical question of how to best ensure electricity assets are safely maintained and operated.

In line with our ongoing negotiations with ESV regarding the development of a risk-based approach to electric line clearance in low bushfire risk areas, our submissions emphasise the need for the electric line clearance regulatory regime to balance safety considerations with environmental and amenity values.

Councils take their electric line clearance responsibilities seriously and are committed to working with the Victorian Government and other stakeholders to reduce bushfire risk. Any decision to vary a council’s electric line clearance responsibilities must be a decision made in agreement with each individual council.

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