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Adapting to a changing climate

The effects of climate change, including an increase in extreme weather events, are critical considerations in local government land use planning, asset management and service delivery decisions.

The MAV recognises that:

  • we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent action by all levels of government, including local councils
  • human induced climate change stands in the first rank of threats to humans, civilisation and other species
  • it is still possible to restore a safe climate and prevent most of the anticipated long-term climate impacts – but only if societies across the world adopt an emergency mode of action that can enable the restructuring of the physical economy at the necessary scale and speed;
  • the MAV has a particular role in assisting local governments in this regard.

A number of our recent submissions have included advocacy positions related to climate change adaptation, including (but not limited to):

With funding from the State, we are working with the Association of Bayside Municipalities to assist Port Phillip Bay councils to respond and adapt to coastal climate change, including developing a framework and practical responses for managing coastal hazards.

In order to share knowledge, build capacity and celebrate some of the great work councils are doing to increase resilience to climate change we have run a number of events and forums that have featured climate change adaptation presentations. Recent examples include:

Check out our upcoming events for other opportunities to hear about how councils can and are adapting to a changing climate.

Note: If you’ve got a great (and recent!) case study that we could feature in an event, our Environment Bulletin or on this webpage, contact Claire Dunn