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Protection of the environment is a shared responsibility of all levels of government and industry, business and the community.

Victorian councils undertake a range of activities in order to protect and enhance their local environment, including climate change adaptation and mitigation, and management of waste, water, native vegetation, and roadside weeds and pests.

We support council environmental activities through policy analysis, advice and advocacy, project support and management, and by building collaborative relationships with other levels of government and key stakeholders.

We also host capacity-building and networking events and topic-based workshops.

We support three local government associations with specific environmental interests: the Association of Bayside Municipalities, Timber Towns Victoria and the National Timber Councils Association.

2015-16 achievements

  • Strong MAV advocacy, alongside councils and other stakeholders led to the Australian Energy Regulator deciding not to reclassify all dedicated public street lighting as 'negotiated services' for 2016-2020, ensuring continued regulatory oversight and Distributed Network Services Providers being held to account on pricing issues.
  • We have responded to a multitude of State-led environment reviews and reforms. Matters raised in MAV submissions to the Renewable Energy Roadmap and the Climate Change Act review have been picked up by the Government in their response. We also welcomed inclusion of street lighting as an eligible activity under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme, as advocated by the MAV.
  • Through participation in the DELWP Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations Working Group, we protected local government's interests and ensured councils' preferred outcomes were reflected in the State's Native vegetation regulation discussion paper to improve operation of the regulations and strengthen the policy framework.
  • We secured a funded position at the MAV to coordinate local government input to the development and implementation of a new Victoria Water Plan, as well as explore innovative water solutions through better collaboration.
  • Following MAV advocacy, the State's new Floodplain Management Strategy agreed to take a leadership role and assist in streamlining processes for planning scheme amendments. The MAV continues to seek clarification that large-scale flood mitigation infrastructure should be the primary responsibility of water authorities.

Event presentations

You can find presentations on environmental management in our past event presentations section.

MAV submissions to Government on environmental management

Recent MAV submissions on environmental management include:

MAV submissions
Date Topic
​March 2017 Submission to Review of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (Word - 348KB)
​January 2017 ​Submission to Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017 to 2027 (PDF - 823KB)
​January 2017 Submission to Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria (Word - 337KB)
​January 2017 Submission to Safe and Accessible Waterways Discussion Paper (Word - 139KB)
​December 2016 Submission to Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations Review (Word - 311KB)
​November 2016 Submission to Community Renewable Energy Projects Discussion Paper (PDF - 1.11MB)
​November 2016 ​Submission to Statewide Assessment of Public Land Discussion and Proposals (PDF - 483KB)
​October 2016 Submission to the Marine and Coastal Act Consultation Paper (Word - 412KB)
​September 2016 Submission to Climate Change Adaptation Plan Directions Paper (Word - 303KB)
​August 2016 ​Submission to the Protecting the Yarra River (Birrarung) Discussion Paper (PDF - 1.12MB)
​May 2016 Submission to the 'Water for Victoria' discussion paper (Word - 375KB)
May 2016 Submission to 'Protecting Victoria's Environment: Biodiversity 2036' (Word - 337KB)
April 2016 ​Submission to the Review of the Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations (Word - 345KB)
​December 2015 Submission to the Sustainability Fund Draft Priority Statement (Word - 308KB)
November 2015 Submission to the EPA inquiry into its future role (PDF - 421.5KB)
October 2015 Submission to the 'Managing e-waste in Victoria' discussion paper (Word - 301KB)
September 2015 Submission to Victoria's Renewable Energy Roadmap (Word - 313KB)
August 2015 Submission to the Review of the Climate Change Act 2010 (Word - 308KB)
July 2015 Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Unconventional Gas in Victoria (Word - 308KB)
May 2015 Submission to the Setting Future Victorian Energy Efficiency Targets consultation paper (Word - 306KB)

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Environmental Sustainability Yammer Group

The MAV Environmental Sustainability Group on Yammer is a forum for council officers to share ideas and collaborate on environmental issues.

Local Government Sustainability website

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