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Protection of the environment is a shared responsibility of all levels of government and industry, business and the community.

Victorian councils undertake a range of activities in order to protect and enhance their local environment, including climate change adaptation and mitigation, and management of waste, water, native vegetation, and roadside weeds and pests.

We support council environmental activities through policy analysis, advice and advocacy, project support and management, and by building collaborative relationships with other levels of government and key stakeholders.

We also host capacity-building and networking events and topic-based workshops.

We support three local government associations with specific environmental interests: the Association of Bayside Municipalities, Timber Towns Victoria and the National Timber Councils Association.

Environment news

Local Government Sustainability website

Visit our Local government sustainability website to share your work or see what other Victorian councils are doing about sustainability in the built and natural environments.

Tree clearance around powerlines: MAV submission

high-voltage-tower.jpgThe MAV provided Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) with a response (Word - 138KB) to the regulatory impact statement (RIS) for the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015 (PDF - 1.36MB).

Our submission notes that while the draft 2015 regulations represent a step in the right direction in terms of achieving a better balance of safety, environmental and amenity considerations, more change to the regulatory regime is needed in order to achieve sensible outcomes for the community. The success of councils in achieving compliance with the proposed regulations will largely be dependent on the level of cooperation they receive from the distribution businesses.

The MAV understands that the feedback received by ESV will be considered at a meeting of the Electric Line Clearance Consultative Committee (ELCCC) on 29 January. ESV has indicated that copies of submissions will be available on the ESV website next week.

For further information, contact Claire Dunn.

Sustainability website

The Victorian Local Government Sustainability website is a library of sustainability information for councils. It houses resources including natural and built environments, council operations and projects under the Victorian Adapation and Sustainability Partnership. Registered users gain access to not only public resources, but confidential and draft documents.

Environmental Sustainability Yammer Group

The MAV Environmental Sustainability Group on Yammer is a forum for council officers to share ideas and collaborate on environmental issues.

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For more information about our environmental policy work, contact:

Claire Dunn
Manager – Environmental and Regulatory Services
03 9667 5533

Martijn Gough
Senior Policy Adviser, Emergency Management and Environment
03 9667 5540