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Submissions and briefing papers


In consultation with our members, we prepare submissions and responses to a range of predominantly State-led review and reform processes. Environment-related submissions prepared over the last couple of years include:

MAV submissions
Date Topic
​January 2018 Submission to Managing e-waste in Victoria Policy Impact Assessment Paper (Word - 319KB)
​January 2018 Submission to Reducing the Impacts of Plastics on the Victorian Environment Discussion Paper (Word - 135KB)
​December 2017 Submission to Turning Waste into Energy Discussion Paper (Word - 312KB)​
​December 2017 Submission to Parliamentary Inquiry into Electric Vehicles (PDF - 357KB)​
​May 2017 ​Submission to Review of Climate Change Policies (Word - 128KB)
​March 2017 Submission to Review of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (Word - 348KB)
​January 2017 ​Submission to Port Phillip Bay Environmental Management Plan 2017 to 2027 (PDF - 823KB)
​January 2017 Submission to Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria (Word - 337KB)
​January 2017 Submission to Safe and Accessible Waterways Discussion Paper (Word - 139KB)
​December 2016 Submission to Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations Review (Word - 311KB)
​November 2016 Submission to Community Renewable Energy Projects Discussion Paper (PDF - 1.11MB)
​November 2016 ​Submission to Statewide Assessment of Public Land Discussion and Proposals (PDF - 483KB)
​October 2016 Submission to the Marine and Coastal Act Consultation Paper (Word - 412KB)
​September 2016 Submission to Climate Change Adaptation Plan Directions Paper (Word - 303KB)
August 2016 Submission to the Protecting the Yarra River (Birrarung) Discussion Paper (PDF - 1.12MB)
​May 2016 Submission to the 'Water for Victoria' discussion paper (Word - 375KB)
May 2016 Submission to 'Protecting Victoria's Environment: Biodiversity 2036' (Word - 337KB)
April 2016 ​Submission to the Review of the Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations (Word - 345KB)
​December 2015 Submission to the Sustainability Fund Draft Priority Statement (Word - 308KB)
November 2015 Submission to the EPA inquiry into its future role (PDF - 421.5KB)
October 2015 Submission to the 'Managing e-waste in Victoria' discussion paper (Word - 301KB)
September 2015 Submission to Victoria's Renewable Energy Roadmap (Word - 313KB)
August 2015 Submission to the Review of the Climate Change Act 2010 (Word - 308KB)
July 2015 Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Unconventional Gas in Victoria (Word - 308KB)
May 2015 Submission to the Setting Future Victorian Energy Efficiency Targets consultation paper (Word - 306KB)

Briefing papers

We also prepare briefing papers for our members.