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Waste and resource recovery

We support local government's waste management and resource recovery policy needs through active policy development, advocacy, and education.

Active areas of interest include the State's management of the landfill levy, the EPA reform program and the upcoming introduction of an e-waste landfill ban.

The MAV supports the introduction of a container deposit scheme in Victoria.

Sustainability Fund / Landfill levy

As a key partner in environmental management and one of the primary collectors of landfill levies, councils take great interest in the State’s management of the Sustainability Fund. Indeed the State’s handling of landfill levy funds has been the subject of at least thirteen MAV State Council resolutions since May 2010.

The MAV and councils have repeatedly called on successive State governments to reinvest greater quantities of landfill levy funds in waste management and resource recovery initiatives and to openly and transparently report landfill levy income and expenditure. Most recently, at the May 2017 MAV State Council, it was resolved that the MAV should advocate that:

  • the Minister provides improved transparency regarding the spending and allocation of the landfill levy from 2008/09 onwards and provides expenditure plans for the unallocated funds from the landfill levy

  • a minimum of 50% of the accrued landfill levy funds be allocated to the originating local government to support long term provision of landfill remediation and for projects that take further action on climate change, waste reduction, recycling and illegal dumping. Projects deemed suitable should not require any matched funding from local government

  • the landfill levy be frozen at the current rate per tonne.

In response to significant expenditure from the Sustainability Fund in the State Budget 2017-18 the MAV issued this media release. We also prepared this background paper (Word - 122KB) (May 2017).

We are a member of the Victorian Litter Action Alliance.

EPA Inquiry

In May 2015, the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water appointed a Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) to undertake an independent inquiry into the EPA. The MAV was a member of the Community and Industry Advisory Group established by the MAC, we also met individually with the MAC and provided a submission (PDF - 421.48KB) in response to their discussion paper.

The inquiry concluded on 31 March 2016 when the MAC delivered its report to the Minister. The report (PDF - 3.89MB) was released publicly on 16 May 2016, and on 17 January 2017 the Government released its response (PDF - 611.43KB).

In response to the recommendation that the government establish a state-wide network of local government environmental protection officers to address localised pollution and waste complaints, the government has committed $4.8 million to deliver a pilot local government environment protection officer program in 2017-18. The MAV has been engaging with DELWP and the EPA to help inform the design of the pilot program.