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Waste & resource recovery

Local government’s waste management and resource recovery policy needs are supported by us through active policy development, advocacy, education and project delivery.

Working collaboratively with Victoria’s 13 regional waste management groups, and the Victorian Litter Action Alliance, we help build effective waste management and resource recovery outcomes for the local government sector.

Since its inception in 1999, we’ve been a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. We participate in the Australian Packaging Covenant Council to ensure that the needs of local government in relation to packaging are taken into consideration and the sector’s challenges are understood.

We partnered with Sustainability Victoria to undertake a financial analysis (Word - 3MB) of the impacts that a container deposit system would have on Victorian local government. This analysis was based on the data and modelling in the Federal Packaging Impacts Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement.

We’re committed to the coordination of statewide approaches for the prevention of litter and seek to promote litter prevention programs. We’ve been working within the Victorian Litter Action Alliance, the peak coordinating body for litter management in Victoria, for a number of years.