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​We work with local government to help the sector secure its financial future.

Our work involves advocating for the sector’s economic and financial needs and arguing for greater recognition of local government's role in a range of government funding programs.

We also work with our members to improve their financial autonomy.

As well as participating in the state government's budget planning process, we also research new and evolving financial issues.

Financial Assistance Grants and Rate Capping Taskforce

The MAV established a Financial Assistance Grants and Rate Capping Taskforce (FRCT) in response to the Federal Government's decisions on supporting financial grants and the State Government's policy on rate capping. See the FRCT campaign page for more details.

Rates Capping Forum

This forum was held in November 2015. Presentations from the event are available below.

Essential Services Commission rate capping submission

The MAV has provided a draft submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) on the rate capping framework.

​The submission (PDF - 201KB) identifies the MAV’s opposition to rate capping councils. In recognising the task being undertaken by the ESC, we recommend a flexible approach be adopted that is aligned to the existing council planning and budget cycle process, and recognises the financial pressures on the sector.

We have also advocated for a three-tiered approach to a cap – an 'as of right' rating increase, a threshold for a ‘light touch’ review by the ESC, and a third category involving a more intensive review.

The draft submission will be forwarded to councils for their comment before it is finalised.

For further information, contact Owen Harvey-Beavis.

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