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We support the development, adoption and implementation of high-quality governance processes, protocols, conduct and relationships across the local government sector.

Our work in this area includes, providing sector-wide advice on governance issues and assisting individual councils on a broad range of internal and external governance matters.​​​​​

Read about the MAV policy on candidature of councillors in state or federal elections 2014 (Word - 93.3KB)​​​​​​​​​​​​.

State Government conduct reforms

The State Government announced plans to introduce a proposed Local Government (Improved Governance) Bill 2015, into parliament.

So far the proposed changes include requiring councillors to agree to codes of conduct before taking office; making it mandatory for councils to establish procedures to deal with alleged breaches; enabling conduct panels to suspend councillors for six months in instances of serious misconduct; outlawing ward funds; and giving the Minister power to direct councils to improve governance and, on the advice of a municipal monitor, stand down councillors for up to six months to allow a panel to hear the matter.

Once further detail is available the MAV will review the proposed reforms and report back to the sector.

Local Government Electoral Review

A three member independent panel formed a Local Government Electoral Review Panel in 2013 to review the local government election process.

It released a report in September 2014, proposing 55 recommendations to strengthen local electoral processes.

We responded to the review with a submission (Word - 106KB) in October.

Local Government Amendment (Governance and Conduct) Bill 2014

The Local Government Amendment (Governance and Conduct) Bill 2014 was introduced in April 2014 and second read on 2 April 2014. The stated purpose of the Bill is to:

  • enhance the understanding of councillors in relation to the standard of conduct expected of councillors by further council processes and policies
  • enhance council governance standards
  • provide for the appointment of the Chief Municipal Inspector and municipal monitors
  • provide for internal processes for the resolution of allegations of Councillor misbehaviour.

Read our comments on proposed changes to the Bill: Position paper on Local Government Amendment (Governance and Conduct) BIll 2014 (Word - 149KB)

Governance group on Yammer

Our Governance Group on Yammer is a forum for council officers to share ideas and collaborate on issues concerning council governance. Governance managers are welcome to join.

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