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Alcohol and other drugs

We help councils build safer and healthier communities by facilitating information and resource sharing activities, strengthening partnerships with other agencies, and advocating for program and policy initiatives in the areas of gambling, drugs and alcohol.

A range of complex factors influence how safe individuals feel within their community. Improving the safety and liveability of communities is a shared responsibility of all levels of government and of all community members.

Through our Local Government Gambling, Alcohol and Other Drugs Issues Forum (LGGAODIF), we work with councils to help minimise and prevent drug and alcohol-related harms within the community.

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Local Government Gambling, Alcohol and Other Drugs Issues Forum

The Forum is a network of professionals working for or with local government to prevent and reduce harms associated with gambling, alcohol and other drug use.

The LGGAODIF meets quarterly and aims to build the capacity of the local government sector by:

  • encouraging best practice in alcohol and other drugs policy
  • analysing key issues affecting local government
  • coordinating policies, strategies and initiatives
  • sharing information and trends
  • planning joint work
  • strengthening partnerships with government departments, non-government organisations and emergency services networks
  • planning for advocacy on key issues.

2017 Alcohol, Gambling, and Family Violence Forum

The MAV hosted an Alcohol, Gambling, and Family Violence Forum for Local Government in March.

The forum took a targeted approach directed at examining the emerging links between family violence, alcohol, and gambling. It was aimed at assisting local government in the development of upcoming Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans. Presenters focused on research in this area, harms associated with alcohol and gambling and impacts on local communities.

The forum brought together council staff from public health, community safety and PVAW sectors, allowing for cross-sector communication, collaboration and dialogue.


Meetings are held from 9.30am to 12.30pm at the MAV, Level 11, 60 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Meetings for 2018:
  • Thursday 22 February
  • Thursday 24 May
  • Thursday 23 August
  • Thursday 22 November

Become a Member

Membership is open to Victorian local government officers and councillors whose work involves alcohol and drug issues.

Staff from Victorian Government departments and other agencies interested in attending LGGAODIF meetings can email Jan Black

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LGGAODIF Resources

This resource list has been developed for LGGAODIF members.

It includes useful guidance, statistics and data to assist LGGAODIF members in their work to reduce alcohol and other drug related harms.

Key Resource

For additional information, please visit the ADF website.

Other Resources

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