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Planning & building

We represent and advise councils in the areas of planning and building, including urban and rural planning, and planning systems improvement.

Our STEP Planning Process Improvement Program assists councils to improve their planning processes.

Planning and building news

2015-16 achievements

  • Secured a long-awaited review of planning fees, and worked with the Department and 19 member councils on detailed costs to inform the Regulatory Impact Statement. As a result of our work, the RIS is proposing an option with full cost recovery for many planning fees as well as annual fee indexation, which together could deliver an estimated $40 million annual increase in fees to councils.
  • Formed a technical working group of member councils to provide feedback on the State's new system of standard levies for infrastructure contributions, resulting in resolution of a majority of issues identified by group members.
  • Advocated for funding to assist councils to undertake strategic land use planning, resulting in $4.2 million allocated in the 2016 State Budget.
  • The final report of the Federal Parliament's Select Committee Inquiry on Wind Turbines supported MAV's recommendation for wind farm noise monitoring and compliance requirements to be transferred to State-based Environmental Protection Authorities; and the Ministerial Advisory Committee on the independent EPA Victoria Review also noted the importance of EPA's technical role in assessing wind farm noise.
  • The MAV and Association of Bayside Municipalities secured $800,000 from the State to assist Port Phillip Bay councils to respond and adapt to coastal climate change, including developing a framework and practical responses for managing coastal hazards.

​Plan Melbourne Refresh Briefing for Mayors and CEOs

The presentation and videos from the Plan Melbourne Refresh Briefing for Mayors
 and CEOs held on 9 November 2015 are available below.

The speakers were: 

  • The Hon. Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning
  • Christine Wyatt, Deputy Secretary, Planning, Department of Environment,
    Land, Water and Planning
  • Denise Thorson and James Mant from the Plan Melbourne Refresh Team.



1. Welcome by the Hon. Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning.

2. Overview by Christine Wyatt, Deputy Secretary, Planning, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

3. Denise Thorson talks about the discussion paper.

4. James Mant talks about the discussion paper.

5. Denise Thorson talks about transport issues.

Plan Melbourne and Development Contribution Reform Briefing

See presentations and videos from the 2014 Plan Melbourne and Development Contribution Reform Briefing.

For all other videos relating to planning and building, please see our Vimeo channel.

MAV submissions to Government on planning and building

In recent years the MAV has provided submissions on planning and building as follows:

MAV submissions
Date Topic
​June 2016 Submission to the planning fees regulatory impact statement (Word - 334KB)
​June 2016 ​Submission to the Smart Cities Plan (Word - 393KB)
​May 2016 Submission to the VCAT Fees Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF - 915KB)
​April 2016 ​Submission to the Review of the Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations (Word - 345KB)
​March 2016 Submission to the Managing Residential Development Advisory Committee (Word - 360KB)
February 2016 Submission to the Major Hazard Facilities Advisory Committee (Word - 107KB)
​February 2016 Submission ​to the Animal Industries Advisory Committee (Word - 116KB)
December 2015 Submission about Plan Melbourne Refresh (Word - 364KB)
August 2015 Submission to the Heritage Act 1995 review discussion paper (Word - 332KB)
August 2014 Combined MAV and Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group submission on the sunsetting of the building regulations (Word - 146KB)
May 2014 Submission to the State Planning Policy Framework Review Advisory Committee (Word - 344KB)
December 2013 Submission to the Plan Melbourne – Metropolitan Planning Strategy (Word - 1.76MB)
March 2013 Submission to the Metropolitan Strategy Discussion Paper - Melbourne – Let’s talk about the future (Word - 492KB)
October 2011 Submission on proposed regulations for rooming houses (Word - 208KB)
October 2011 Submission on the Exposure Draft of the Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Bill 2014 (Word - 41.1KB)
March 2011 Submission on the Our Cities and the Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia discussion papers (Word - 5.23MB)
February 2006 Submission to the Review Committee on Streamlining the Planning Permit Process (Word - 551KB)
February 2006 Submission to the Request for Comment - Planning and Environment (Fees) (Further Amendment) Regulations 2006 Regulatory Impact Statement (Word - 51.5KB)
October 2004 Submission to the Productivity Commission’s report on the Reform of Building Regulations (Word - 57.3KB)

MAV documents


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STEP Planning Improvement Program
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