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Urban planning

​We represent councils to the Victorian and Australian Governments on urban issues associated with integrated land use planning. These issues include:

  • sustainable population and settlement policy
  • housing policy and development
  • planning regulations
  • infrastructure.

Housing Growth Project

The Housing Growth Project gathers housing development data from across metropolitan Melbourne and individual councils to inform decisions about the future location of new housing.

Melbourne councils and their communities are faced with issues associated with housing growth. Some of these issues include:

  • land availability for new housing, including capacity
  • household type
  • housing affordability
  • housing accessibility
  • design
  • sustainable built form.

The project will map current housing supply and recent changes where new development has occurred between 2004 and 2008. It will also provide an assessment method to provide a sound foundation for decisions about where housing growth is ideally placed within metropolitan Melbourne.

We convene forums and meetings and coordinate feedback and concerns about the project across metropolitan councils.

Thirty-one of Melbourne’s 33 metropolitan councils are involved in the project.

The project is jointly run by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning.

Metropolitan housing growth report

The metropolitan housing projects growth report compiles case studies of projects or activities funded by the Department of Planning and Community Development's housing growth requirements initiative.

Metropolitan councils' work in response to increasing demands for housing across the metropolitan area is outlined in the report.

Twenty-two councils participated in the survey.

Read the Metropolitan housing projects report (Word - 2.34MB).

Metropolitan strategy

We represent the local government sector on matters associated with integrated strategic land use planning.

We established a Metropolitan Strategy Reference Group containing senior officers and councillors from the 31 metropolitan councils. The group will meet twice to help inform our submission and advocacy on the discussion paper and strategy, while providing an opportunity for the sector to exchange information and discuss key issues. 


MPA partnership agreement

We developed a partnership agreement with the Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA). The objective of the agreement is to encourage a cooperative relationship between the MPA and local government, while outlining the broad working relationships between the MPA and councils.

The Agreement does not prevent individual agreements being developments and should be seen as complimentary to any existing agreement.

The MAV received feedback from councils on the operation of the Partnership Agreement in November 2014. Acknowledging the importance of the relationship with local government, the MPA agreed to the matters outlined in Version 2.

The MAV is committed to monitoring the effectiveness of the agreement and will be keeping a log of matters to consider as part of a more formal review scheduled in early 2016. We encourage relevant directors and managers to report any issues or concerns or failures of parties to work in accordance with the Agreement.

A local government model was also designed providing a preferred operational model for the MPA.

Download the agreement:

New residential zones

New residential zones will help councils enact their structure plans and other local planning policies, such as environmentally sustainable development and integrated transport.

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