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​We work with councils to promote access and inclusion in local communities to ensure people with a disability have the same opportunities as other members of the community.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 makes it a legal requirement for local government to provide equal access to employment, public buildings, goods, services and facilities.

All Victorian councils have a disability action plan. A disability action plan identifies actions to remove physical barriers for people with a disability and is also designed to increase employment and change attitudes.

ALGA disability inclusion guide for councils

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) has released Disability Inclusion Planning – A Guide for Local Government which provides information and tools to help councils update, develop and implement inclusive policies and practices to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to services and facilities in their municipalities.

State disability plan

The MAV made a submission to the Victorian State Disability Plan 2017-2020 discussion paper (Word - 46.7KB), drawing on previously articulated positions and particularly focusing on the State and local government long-standing partnership in building inclusive communities.

The Absolutely Everyone: State Disability Plan 2017-2020 (PDF - 3.88MB) focusses on a whole-of-government approach to improving the economic and socail outcomes for Victorians with a disability, their families and carers.

Key actions to occur over the next three years include:

  • Funding to encourage public and private workplaces to employ people with a disability
  • Leadership scholarships to see more people with a disability involved in decision making
  • Ensuring as our suburbs grow we embrace universal design to see accessible community hubs
  • Improving access to public transport options especially in rural and regional Victoria.

PTV Accessibility Strategic Reference Group

MAV is a member and participant of the PTV Accessibility Strategic Reference Group.

The group's purpose is to bring together CEOs from key disability and mobility advocacy organisations to advise and assist PTV in delivering on the priorities, outcomes and actions of the Accessible Public Transport in Victoria Action Plan 2013-17 – PTV Implementation Plan. This group meets biannually as a forum for organisations to share expertise regarding accessibility issues, help identify and discuss key transport priorities and projects, and develop and share meaningful data-sets to assist with monitoring and reporting on the Accessible Action Plan.

Event presentations

You can find presentations on the National Disability Insurance Scheme on our event presentations section.

Increasing employment and civic participation

Policies and practices to increase the number of people with a disability being employed in local government and participating in civic life are highlighted in two guides and a report. The guides and report are based on findings from MAV workshops.

The report, Local government: building inclusive communities (Word - 171KB), informs councils of recent developments in disability policy and legislation. It also provides assistance to meet new requirements and outlines the context and policy areas of the workshops.

The guides, Creating employment opportunities for people with a disability (Word - 304KB) and Increasing civic participation and improving consultation with people with a disability (Word - 292KB) provide councils with actions that can be incorporated in their:

  • disability action plan
  • council plan
  • recruitment and retention policies
  • workforce and people strategies.

Framework for a more inclusive community

The Creating a more inclusive community for people with a disability framework (Word - 203KB) helps councils create more inclusive communities for people with a disability by addressing ways in which barriers to participation and access can be reduced.

The framework draws on what many councils are already working on via their disability action plans and strategic planning documents and was developed from consultation, interviews and surveys with councils across the State.

The background report (Word - 552KB) outlines the policy context and the work of councils.

The State Government confirmed that the Building Inclusive Communities program will be rolled over for a further three-year period starting from 30 June 2015, which supports the work many councils are already doing.

Accessible housing

Access to appropriate housing is critical to living a healthy and full life. Current building regulations and standards require minimal incorporation of accessibility features within new homes built in Victoria. This results in most new homes being built without any accessibility features.

Many Victorian councils have expressed commitment to increasing the provision of accessible housing and have included statements in various strategic plans and documents.

Resources exist to increase understanding of the current barriers to accessible housing. Various councils and organisations have developed projects or advocacy positions to address the issue. A selection of key initiatives and projects are included below:

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