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The Patchwork tool is now available to use across Victoria by all councils.

Patchwork is an innovative web application developed in the UK by FutureGov to connect practitioners from different local services working with common clients within a geographic area. It transforms the way governments interact with vulnerable families through improved collaboration.

It creates links with a wide range of public sector services, community agencies, and relevant private health practitioners across Victoria.

The idea behind Patchwork is that professionals are able to provide better services to a client when they know and can communicate with the whole team working with the client. This has the added benefit that each person working with a client can be on the look-out on behalf of other agencies, and share their concerns in a quick and simple way.

UK Councils have found that Patchwork can improve collaboration, offer joined-up services from multiple agencies, lead to earlier intervention where required, deliver better outcomes for clients and improve the efficiency of administrative procedures.

The tool was piloted in 2013-14 across 19 councils in Victoria and was found to be an effective tool for improving multi-agency collaborations focusing on social care.

Patchwork Redlink - Collaboration


In this heart-warming video, Redfern residents and staff at Redlink talk about their experience with Patchwork and the services who assist them in achieving positive outcomes through better collaboration.

Patchwork - Central Coast 28/11/14


Watch a Patchwork case study in the Central Coast region of NSW.

Transcript (Word - 37.5KB)

For more information, including a Patchwork explanation video, visit the official Patchwork NSW website.

System documentation

These resources describe Patchwork and how it can be used:

Legal and compliance information

These resources are provided to help Patchwork organisations understand and comply with their responsibilities regarding client privacy:

The Department of Education and Training (DET) supports the use of Patchwork by early childhood practitioners working in DET-funded services. The Department has conducted a privacy review to ensure that Patchwork complies with Victorian Privacy Legislation and continues to work with us to ensure that Patchwork complies with relevant legislation and policy.

Accessing Patchwork

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Contact us

If you need any information or would like to run a Patchwork session in your area, please contact Kim Howland.

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