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Early years

In Victoria the early years are recognised as lasting from birth to eight years. Children display social, emotional and intellectual characteristics during this time which are distinct from those shown in other periods of their lives.

We provide early years support to councils in the areas of planning and policy development, service delivery, infrastructure provision, community capacity building and advocacy.

Through our partnership with the Department of Education and Training, we specifically recognise the importance of early years education and care, and aim to support all councils in their activities to provide services to this sector of their communities.

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MAV submissions to Government on early childhood education and care

In recent years the MAV has provided submissions and participated in workshops and hearings on the issue of early childhood education and care as follows:

Date Topic
​January 2016 ​MAV made a submission ​to the Senate inquiry into the Commonwealth Government’s Jobs for Families Child Care Package Bill (Word - 317KB).
October 2015 MAV made a submission responding to a Victorian government consultation paper on early childhood education and providing input to a Roadmap to Reform project on the child and family services system (Word - 364KB).
July 2015 Submission to RIS on Childcare Assistance Package (Word - 316KB)
January 2015 MAV provides a submission to the Education Council NQF RIS proposed options for changes to the National Quality Framework (Word - 307KB)
November 2014 MAV participates in consultation session of the NQF RIS
September 2014 MAV attends PC workshop on deemed cost of childcare
September 2014 Submission to the PC Draft Report into Child Care and Early Childhood Development (Word - 148KB)
August 2014 MAV presents to the PC Hearing in Melbourne
March 2014 Response to Senate Inquiry into the immediate future of the childcare sector in Australia
March 2014 Response to Senate Inquiry into the delivery of quality and affordable early childhood education and care services
February 2014 Submission to the PC Inquiry into Child Care and Early Childhood Development

Early Years Strategy Group

We facilitate an Early Years Strategy Group meeting every two months and commencing in March each year.

The group includes representatives from nominated, representative family and children’s services managers representing the nine Department of Education and Training regions across Victoria as well as the perspectives of interface councils and those facing significant growth.

The meeting provides a regular forum to discuss issues of key strategic importance in the areas of:

  • early years
  • early childhood workforce
  • maternal and child health
  • universal access
  • other policy issues impacting on councils in the early years space.

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Early Years Policy Adviser
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