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During policy, planning and funding negotiations with the Victorian and Australian Governments ​we advocate on behalf of councils for the provision of infrastructure support for public libraries.

In particular, we advocate for the shortfall in public library information technology services and book stock to be addressed.

We also seek reforms that consolidate the strategy, policy and funding responsibilities for public libraries under one Victorian Government portfolio.

SWIFT Library Consortium

The SWIFT Library Consortium is run by us and the Public Library Victoria Network. It provides greater access to wider library resources at a lower cost through an integrated library management system.

By employing a project manager, we're able to support councils in the collective tendering of an integrated library management system.

Public libraries funding

Councils provide most public library funding, with the remainder from the Victorian Government.

We help ensure that libraries receive adequate funding. Our state budget submissions have called for increased funding of public libraries by the government.

Save Our Libraries – Fairer Funding Campaign

Victorian councils oppose Victorian Government cuts to recurrent library funding. We advocated for a fairer funding deal through the Save Our Libraries - Fairer Funding Campaign.

Ministerial Advisory Council on Public Libraries

We were a representative on the Ministerial Advisory Council on Public Libraries from 2005 until 2010 when it was disbanded, pending approval from the Victorian Government.

In June 2010, the Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Jeanette Powell MP made a commitment to re-establish the council which concluded its work in 2013.

A partnering agreement between state and local government would strengthen the position of libraries on the state political agenda.

We also developed a protocol as the basis for a collaborative relationship with Public Libraries Victoria Network. This formalises the working relationship and enable us to carry out joint projects and activities.

For more information, contact Clare Hargreaves.