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Gender equity

Encouraging greater participation of women in local government, preventing violence against women and promoting gender equity overall are our key policy areas.

Gender equity news

Preventing violence against women

The Local Government and Community Partnerships Program – Preventing Violence Against Women Project works with local councils towards the prevention of violence against women.

The partnership program is funded by the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Unit, Department of Justice and Regulation.

As part of the program, we are supporting councils and the work they do in their communities by disseminating resources and tools and providing forums for discussion and networking.

The program also seeks to engage councils new to this work by helping them access the best information and adapt models that have been successful elsewhere.

Our internationally recognised publication, Prevention of Violence Against Women - Leading Change in the Victorian Local Government Sector, captures some of the outstanding work achieved by Victorian councils working on this topic and gender equity.

Download the booklet which is available in the following formats:

We also provide support to embed prevention of violence against women and gender equity into council policies and programs. A series of 12 preventing violence against women information sheets have been developed to assist councils with their work in this area.

2017 Alcohol, Gambling, and Family Violence Forum

The MAV hosted an Alcohol, Gambling, and Family Violence Forum for Local Government in March.

The forum took a targeted approach directed at examining the emerging links between family violence, alcohol, and gambling. It was aimed at assisting local government in the development of upcoming Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans. Presenters focused on research in this area, harms associated with alcohol and gambling and impacts on local communities.

The forum brought together council staff from public health, community safety and PVAW sectors, allowing for cross-sector communication, collaboration and dialogue.

Addressing violence against women and their children

​MAV President Bill McArthur launched the Prevention of violence against women leadership statement at the May 2012 State Council meeting. The statement acknowledges the enormous contribution made by councils to progress work in this area and sets out how we will continue to provide leadership on this issue.

The statement also suggests strategies for councils to consider when undertaking preventing violence against women work.

Women in local government

We encourage greater participation of women in local government as councillors and senior managers in recognition of on-going under-representation of women in these roles.

We endorse the principles of the Victorian local government women's charter, which are gender equity, diversity and active citizenship.

Find out more by visiting the women in local government section of our website.

Gender equity resources

A collection of gender equity fact sheets are available for local government to advance their work in addressing inequality and promoting a more inclusive society.

Event presentations

You can find presentations on gender equity in our past event presentations section.

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