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CiVic, the MAV local government magazine, has featured a front page and middle page spread on the importance of the reconciliation process and the practical ways councils can get involved.
Australian, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander flags

We support local government’s capacity and knowledge to strengthen relationships with Victoria’s Indigenous communities.

Local government, through its strong community links and local representation, is ideally placed to provide leadership in strengthening relationships with Indigenous Australians.

Reconciliation with Australia’s traditional owners is an outcome we strive for.

We advocate a whole-of-government framework for Indigenous issues and encourage positive relationships to be developed between local government and Indigenous communities throughout Victoria.

Our advice can help councils ensure that local government structures, planning processes and service provisions are relevant and accessible to Indigenous people.

Councils can encourage greater unity, knowledge and respect for the first occupants of our land by developing partnership opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Constitutional recognition

The expert panel on constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians released its final report, Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution, in January 2012.

We support the Australian Government holding a referendum on the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Aboriginal employment in local government

We are keen to encourage Indigenous Australians to work in Victorian local government. We're currently participating in the Victorian Government’s Aboriginal Employment Broker Program which is being undertaken by the Indigenous Economic Development Unit, Department of Business and Innovation. We are developing tools and advice for councils about ways they can better attract and retain Indigenous employees. We're also developing links with Indigenous organisations to alert them to potential jobs in local government.

For further information email Rosemary Hancock at

Aboriginal heritage

We support the preservation and protection of Victorian Aboriginal heritage.

We advocate on behalf of Victorian councils to ensure their interests are also taken into account in any changes that are proposed by the Australian or Victorian Governments.

MAV Local Government Indigenous Network

The MAV Local Government Indigenous Network is an e-network of councillors and council officers interested in promoting Indigenous issues within local government.

Current Victorian councillors and council officers can join the network's mailing list by emailing Rosemary Hancock at

Victorian Local Government Aboriginal Engagement and Reconciliation Survey 2012

In May 2012 Reconciliation Victoria, with funding support from the Victorian Government, undertook a survey of all Victorian councils about how they were engaging with their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  Over 95% of councils responded.

The survey results show there has been a significant increase in activities and commitments by local government in the last 10 years since the Toomnangi Report was published in 2002.

Councils have been provided with a report of their own responses compared with State-wide responses in addition to the Overview Report to enable them to reflect on the strengths of their current policy and practice and support planning and programming to address gaps.

For further information, contact Erin McKinnon at

Local Government – Aboriginal Partnership Project (LGAPP)

Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and Local Government Victoria are co-chairing a partnership project involving MAV, the Victorian Local Government Association, LGPro, Reconciliation Victoria, Aboriginal representatives and all three levels of government.

A number of activities have been undertaken as part of this project. They include:

  • the Victorian local government Aboriginal engagement & reconciliation survey 2012
  • development work for the Maggolee … Here in this Place website, which will be a one-stop shop for information and resources linking local government and Aboriginal people in Victoria
  • the development of draft statewide principles to assist councils seeking to strengthen engagement and partnership with their local Aboriginal community

The project was announced by the Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal Affairs in 2011.

We agreed to coordinate local government feedback on the principles and the views of councils were sought through April and May 2013.

If councils have further comments email them to Rosemary Hancock at

Toomnangi report

The Toomnangi report is a comprehensive survey we undertook in 2002 to compile examples of Indigenous initiatives and activities undertaken by Victorian local government.

Produced with support and assistance from the Australian and Victorian Governments, it provides ideas and case-studies that build knowledge and confidence of councils to embrace further building of relationships with their local Indigenous communities.

Indigenous partnerships resource guide

The Wurreker: local government – Indigenous partnerships resource guide, although now somewhat dated, still provides helpful information about Aboriginal names and events, the origins of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag, native title, and local government action plans and resources.

We developed it with support from the National Office of Local Government and the Stegley Foundation.