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Aboriginal affairs




Australian, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander flags

We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the land and we pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

We support local government’s capacity and knowledge to strengthen relationships with Victoria’s Aboriginal communities and for it to encourage greater unity, knowledge and respect for the first occupants of our land – through its strong community links and local representation.

Aboriginal employment in local government

We are keen to encourage Indigenous Australians to work in Victorian local government. We're currently participating in the Victorian Government’s Aboriginal Employment Broker Program which is being undertaken by the Indigenous Economic Development Unit, Department of Business and Innovation. We are developing tools and advice for councils about ways they can better attract and retain Indigenous employees. We're also developing links with Indigenous organisations to alert them to potential jobs in local government.

For further information email Lidia Thorpe at

  • The terms Aboriginal and Indigenous used inter-changeably through this website  to describe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people generally.  "Koories" is a word commonly used to refer to Aboriginal people who come from south-eastern Australia. There is no strict way of spelling it, with Koori or Koorie commonly used.

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