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Aboriginal employment

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We developed a Victorian local government Aboriginal employment framework to assist Victoria’s 79 councils increase their employment of Aboriginal people.

Our framework overview sets out the rationale, main actions required by councils and the Aboriginal community.

Our latest report of the MAV Aboriginal Employment Project shows small but steady rises over the last three years. However, the numbers are starting from a low base given the large workforce employed by Victorian councils, and there continues to be significant scope and potential for greater inroads to be made.

Victorian local government Aboriginal employment framework

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Rosemary Hancock
Policy Adviser
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We gratefully acknowledge the artwork provided by Ngarra Murray who is a proud Wamba Wamba and Yorta Yorta woman having strong family connections to Lake Boga and Cummeragunja. Thissymbol represents the coming together of Aboriginal and local government communities.

The terms Aboriginal and Indigenous used interchangeably to describe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people generally. "Koories" is a word commonly used to refer to Aboriginal people who come from south-eastern Australia. There is no strict way of spelling it, with Koori or Koorie commonly used.