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Transport & infrastructure

We work with councils to help them maintain and improve local transport and infrastructure, including for pedestrians.

On behalf of local councils, we advocate for better funding and support of public transport and infrastructure.

Through our information and communication technology shared service, councils can improve community access to services.

We also host the Local Government Information Communications Technology (LGICT) Group which promotes and improves information-technology solutions for local government.

Local communities also benefit from the Swift Library Consortium's library management system. The system offers library users greater access to resources and collections.

Transport and infrastructure news

Economic development initiatives

We made a submission to the Parliamentary inquiry into local government economic development initiatives in Victoria.

Our submission encourages the inquiry to pay particular attention to the role of infrastructure in supporting economic development. It's critical that infrastructure is improved and augmented in line with population growth to create more economic opportunities, including local employment opportunities.

Unequal access to infrastructure and facilities across Victoria causes significant economic impacts.

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