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Transport & infrastructure

We work with councils to help them maintain and improve local transport and infrastructure, including for pedestrians.

On behalf of local councils, we advocate for better funding and support of public transport and infrastructure.

Through our information and communication technology shared service, councils can improve community access to services.

We also host the Local Government Information Communications Technology (LGICT) Group which promotes and improves information-technology solutions for local government.

Local communities also benefit from the Swift Library Consortium's library management system. The system offers library users greater access to resources and collections.

Transport and infrastructure news

Disability parking permits for interstate and overseas visitors

Recent changes to the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2009 now allows disability parking permits from interstate and overseas to be recognised in Victoria, and overseas visitors are advised to bring a current permit with them when travelling to Australia.

Following consultation with the MAV on the potential challenges faced by councils with this policy change, VicRoads has developed a resource (PDF - 3.54MB) to provide councils with examples of the major international disability permits.

For further information on this policy change, please contact VicRoads.

Infrastructure Victoria

An information session for mayors and CEOs on Infrastructure Victoria’s All Things Consider Options Paper was hosted at the MAV on 1 June 2016. The video of this presentation is available below.


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An information session for Mayors and CEOs on Infrastructure Victoria’s discussion paper Laying the Foundations (Word - 907KB) was hosted at the MAV on 1 March 2016. The video of this presentation is available below.