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MAV Technology, formerly the Local Government Information Communications Technology (LGICT) Group, is an independently-funded group of local government information technology (IT) practitioners who work together to improve outcomes for Victorian councils.

As the voice of IT for local government, MAV Technology works with state and federal government representatives to maximise opportunities for successful ICT project funding and delivery across all council business areas.

We work closely with MAV Procurement to coordinate sector-wide contracts for the supply of system software, hardware, policy development and telecommunications solutions.

LGICT events

The annual MAV Technology Annual Conference is held every August. It is a two-day event that attracts hundreds of local government senior executives, IT coordinators and vendors. Attendees share their ICT challenges, knowledge, products and experience.

MAV Technology also hosts forums and workshops in regional and metropolitan locations throughout the year.

Cloud services research and guidance

A collection of research and guidlines is available for councils looking to introduce cloud services.

The document Cloud Services Research and Guidance for Local Government (PDF - 967.79KB) provides an overview of what the prevailing approaches to cloud services are in government and private sectors, and which of these methods are appropriate and useful for council adoption.

The resource incorporates a framework for the secure, effective and efficient use of cloud-based services to provide benefits to council business and your communities. It offers clear guidelines on what cloud service types are permitted and how they should be procured, as well as instructions on complying with legislative and regulatory obligations to protect the privacy and security of council and customer information.

It will be officially launched at the MAV Technology Forum on 4 March in Nagambie. The forum is free for MAV Technology members.

Open Council Data Toolkit

The Open Council Data Toolkit is designed to help staff from all council business areas to understand how they can contribute to and benefit from publishing open data.

The toolkit also allows users to see how many councils are already publishing open data, and how many datasets they have released.

This resource supports the May 2015 State Council resolution for Victorian councils to commit to adopting open data and data access policies contributing to information being made available on

Following the work of MAV Technology, Victorian councils are now the most prolific publisher of open data of all the states in Australia.

MAV Technology public wi-fi report

Implementing Public Wi-Fi Services for Local Government (PDF - 1.37MB) is a collection of research and case studies relevant for councils looking to implement, or grow an existing public Wi-Fi service.

The report includes:

  • research material related to the design, implementation, use and ongoing management of public Wi-Fi services
  • case studies from across Victoria and the globe, focused on Victorian councils
  • case studies from other sectors - both private and public
  • details of technologies available that are relevant to local government
  • business models that support the sustainable use of public Wi-Fi
  • policy and process for the effective management of public Wi-Fi.

About the group

The MAV Technology group is made up of IT managers and chief information officers representing 75 Victorian councils. These are the people directly responsible for implementing practical technology solutions within Victoria’s local government sector.

The current Chair is Trish Spiteri from Nillumbik Shire Council, and the current Deputy Chair is Michael Smyth from City of Greater Bendigo.

They were elected in October 2014 following nominations by members of the MAV Technology Executive Committee.

By sharing information, expertise and experiences, MAV Technology members are able to provide better, more cost-effective and innovative IT services for their council colleagues and their local communities.

MAV Technology on Yammer

Our private Yammer network facilitates the sharing of information and ideas about effective ICT delivery in local government. Request an invitation to join the MAV Technology Yammer network by contacting Lisa Bennetto.

More information

For more information, see the MAV Technology website or contact Lisa Bennetto.