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We advocate on behalf of local government regarding workforce issues.

Issues impacting the workforce include:

  • the ageing population
  • skills shortages
  • local government training package
  • employment branding
  • shared services
  • employee relations
  • occupational health and safety and WorkCover
  • recruitment strategies.


We are involved with groups that collaborate with state and federal government and other stakeholders to address workplace issues.

Government Skills Australia

Government Skills Australia (GSA) is the national industry skills council for the government and community safety sectors.

The GSA's Local Government Industry Advisory Committee works directly with local government, unions and professional bodies to address relevant workplace issues.

Local Government Workforce Development Group

The Local Government Workforce Development Group discusses state and national workforce issues, including industrial relations.

Each state and territory local government association is represented in the group.

Victorian Asbestos Forum

The MAV represent the sector's interests on this body which aims to ensure that Victorian Government agencies and local councils work effectively to improve the management, monitoring and response to asbestos issues in Victoria by ensuring a coordinated approach to the prevention of exposure to asbestos in accordance with their powers and responsibilities.

Early childhood development workforce

The Victorian and Australian Governments are working on early childhood development workforce strategies as part of the national quality reforms.

2015 National Local Government Human Resources Conference

See presentations from the 2015 National Local Government Human Resources Conference: