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Procurement Bulletin - September 2010

MAV Procurement Bulletin
September 2010.

Contract Management Workshop

Tyred of paying too much?
Give us a piece of your mind
Show me the money

Massive response to Recruitment tender

CEOs embrace Videoconferencing

MAVP Regional Showcase

Marketing Services nears completion

Trucking huge savings

Professional Services – scary big

Thank you!

MAV Procurement

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Councils Reforming Business

Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Contract Management Workshop

An outstanding line up of guest speakers will be addressing the next MAV Procurement Workshop, focusing on Contract Management. The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPSA), Metro Trains, Portland Group, CT Services, Knox City Council and Open Windows will cover a range of topics to help councils explore how best practice contract management can drive greater efficiencies and extract the maximum value from suppliers and contracts.

Scheduled for Friday, October 8 from 9.30am, this event is available to all council professionals who manage contracts, suppliers, contractors or engage in purchasing on any level. Registrations close on October 1, and spaces are filling fast. Just $25 per head, this event is a great professional development opportunity.


Tyred of paying too much?

Due to high purchase volumes, a commoditised product and little service differentiation between suppliers, tyres represent an excellent opportunity for aggregated purchasing, looking to force prices down for councils.
Following a successful tender for the provision of Supply, Fitting and Service of Tyres, Tubes and Automotive Batteries to 20 Victorian councils and all South Australian and Tasmanian councils, MAV Procurement has established contracts with successful tenderers Beaurepaires, Bridgestone and Tyres4U.

Required to satisfy the requirements of both metro and rural councils, products and services now available include  passenger tyres, light commercial tyres, truck tyres, plant/machinery tyres, tubes, lawn tractor tyres, agricultural tyres, batteries, tyre fitting and roadside service. Significant discounts off standard list-price were achieved, ranging from 19% - 48% depending on product.

MAV Procurement wishes to thank greater Shepparton City Council, Barossa Council (South Australia) and Local Government Services SA for assisting in the evaluation of the tender submissions.

Give us a piece of your mind…

The MAV Procurement online survey is still open, representing a tremendous chance for you to tell us what you really think!

The survey will provide us with valuable feedback regarding council satisfaction, preferred tenders, provision of services and most importantly, timing information to help us match our tenders with existing contract expiry dates.

It should only take around ten minutes to complete, and we’re only looking for one response per council. We will send participant councils any interesting sector data we uncover. Go on, fill in the survey – we’ve got thick skin, we can take it!

Show me the money

Debt recovery services is an unfortunate necessity for councils. Recovering overdue fees, fines, charges and rates is critical to maintaining revenue needed for the provision of public services.

16 Victorian councils have signed an agency agreement for MAV Procurement to tender for the Provision of Debt Recovery Services (DR8410).

A detailed tender outlining service requirements and standards will likely be advertised Saturday 25 September in the usual media outlets, both print and online.

Last chance agency appointments are available up until Friday 17 September.

Cameron Spence, 9667 5554.

Huge response to Recruitment tender, HR Consulting to come

The response to the MAV Procurement tender for the Provision of Recruitment Services was, in a word, overwhelming. 38 Victorian councils and four library corporations signed up to participate, and a massive 66 companies submitted tender responses.

As a result, the amount of work confronting the evaluation committee was enormous. Wyndham City Council, Kingston City Council, City of Greater Bendigo and Yarra Ranges Shire Council, in conjunction with MAV Procurement, spent weeks working through the online responses of tendering companies, and is currently balancing a number of considerations to reach a decision for the awarding of contracts.

It is expected that the evaluation committee will come to a decision within the month, at which point contracts will be signed and a roll-out program established to introduce councils to selected providers and establish engagement processes.

Following the demand for recruitment services, MAV Procurement will be issuing a tender for the provision of  Human Resource Consulting this Saturday. Again, this is expected to be a significant piece of work, with significant benefits for participant councils.

CEOs to embrace Videoconferencing

The transformational possibilities of videoconferencing will be presented to 48 council CEOs at the MAV CEO Forum today, and the sector seems poised to take embrace it wholeheartedly.

Now that the technology has evolved to finally deliver on the promise of less travel time, less carbon kilometres, improved communications, reduced costs and greater collaboration inside and outside municipal boundaries, council executives are now fully recognising the organisational advantages.

Having successfully tendered for the Provision of Telecommunications into Victorian local government, and subsequently driving average savings of 10% for participant councils, Telstra is expanding their offering from fixed line telephony, mobile and data provision into videoconferencing, and has a range of options.

The South Western Alliance of Rural Health (SWARH) also tendered successfully to provide videoconferencing, and have been active in this space for a number of months. SWARH, in conjunction with Dimension Data, have audited several councils to establish technical and hardware capability. Four councils are already connected to their network, realising significant benefits and savings.

Putting its money where its mouth is, the Municipal Association of Victoria is already connected, and is actively encouraging councils to get in touch to explore the possibilities.

Cameron Spence, 9667 5554.


MAVP Regional Showcase

Continuing to provide value to constituent councils, MAV Procurement has announced the first MAVP Regional Showcase, a one day program to be held right across Victoria, uncovering new ways for councils to increase operational efficiency.

From community engagement to biofuels, technology roadmaps to service continuity in emergencies, experts from MAV Procurement’s supplier panel will present case studies, trends and best practises in each region of the state.

A free event, with lunch provided, for any local government professional interested in driving greater organisational efficiencies and developing their knowledge, this wide ranging corporate services agenda should not be missed.



Marketing Services tender nears completion

Advertising public notices, employment vacancies, statutory requirements, campaigns and more, councils use a wide range of marketing tactics to communicate with their communities. Which means that councils spend huge amounts of money developing communications and buying media space – many millions of dollars every year.

Looking to drive costs down, 41 councils signed up to the Marketing Services Tender (MB8210) in July. 12 companies subsequently tendered applications across two marketing categories – advertising and media buying.

Advertising is the creation of campaigns, and media buying is restricted to negotiating media space (magazines, papers, radio, TV) to place finished ads.

Four councils are assisting MAV Procurement evaluate supplier responses, Wellington Shire Council, Frankston City Council, Whittlesea City Council and Colac Otway Shire Council. Having completed the online component, the panel will meet on Thursday 23 September to discuss applications, with a decision imminent.


Trucking huge savings

Harnessing the collective strength of peak representative bodies from across Australia, the National Truck, Vans and Omnibus Tender closed in late July, receiving 15 submissions from manufacturers.

32 Victorian councils stand to benefit from significantly reduced administrative costs and significant vehicle discounts due to national buying power, but are still able to customise vehicles as required and buy through local distributors.

The evaluation is nearing completion, and contracts will be in place in October. Victorian councils are expected to save significantly over the three year term of the agreement.


Professional Services – scary big

If the Recruitment Services Tender is any guide, having received 66 supplier applications, the Professional Services Tender could net a frighteningly large number of suppliers – well over one hundred.

With between 20 to 40 consulting categories possible under a Professional Services Tender, ranging from dispute resolution to environmentally sustainable design, the evaluation of suppliers is shaping up to be a massive task. Any resultant supplier panel could number dozens and dozens of suppliers.

Confronted with this scenario, MAV Procurement is investigating a number of models and tools to assist not only developing tender specifications, evaluations, contracts, ongoing management and financing, but also mechanics for councils to simply and easily match approved suppliers to their specific requirements.

To ensure an appropriate level of resources are committed to the project, which is the subject of considerable demand from councils, MAV Procurement has pushed the tender back to Q4, clearing the decks before tackling this massive tender.


Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you…

Alone amongst procurement organisations, MAV Procurement forms evaluation panels with councils to appoint successful tenderers. This has several benefits. It complies with the Local Government Act, it ensures full transparency of the process, and it represents the interests of councils first and foremost.

But evaluating tenders can be time consuming and tedious. Which is why MAV Procurement would like to sincerely thank those councils and individuals who have given their time to ensure that contracts are awarded to suppliers who best meet the needs of local government.

Thank you to:

Ballarat City Council
Robert Rea
Brimbank City Council
Nando Castauro
Cardinia Shire Council Peter Butcher
Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation Peter Carter
City of Greater Bendigo Cara Bastian
City of Greater Bendigo
Samantha Stanton
City of Greater Shepparton
Samantha Crowe
City of Greater Shepparton
Daryl Chalcraft
City of Monash
Brian Lane
Colac Otway Shire Council
Tamzin McLennan
Darebin City Council
Sylvia Vucetic
Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation
Joseph Cullen
Frankston City Council
Maxine Sando
Frankston City Council
Rebecca Henshall
Goldfields Library Corporation
Carolyn Macvean
Hobsons Bay City Council
Stephen Cooper
Hume Libraries
Terry Aquino
Kingston City Council
Belinda Ayres
Di Harris
Maribyrnong City Council
Theo Pykoulas
Maribyrnong City Council
Robert Palmer
Melton Shire Council
Darren Gray
Mildura Rural City Council
Steve Alden
Monash Public Library Service John Ruddle
Moyne Shire Council
Craig Roberts
The Barossa Council
Malcolm Chadwick
Wellington Shire Council
Sara Rhodes Ward
Wellington Shire Council
Prinesh Narayan
West Gippsland Library Corporation
John Murrell
Whittlesea City Council
Kelli Martin
Whittlesea City Council
Stephen Lofthouse
Whittlesea City Council
Chris Simpfendorfer
Wyndham City Council
Steve Burgess
Wyndham City Council
Alison Dixon
Yarra City Council
Adrian Chen
Yarra Ranges Shire Council
Sylvia Keane


Contact MAV Procurement

Cameron Spence, 9667 5554
Max Fonovic, 9667 5545
Rebecca Watkins, 9667 5516
Dan Hogan, 9667 5518

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