Training & events

Our training and events program has been designed specifically to boost council skills in procurement and contract management, with training targeted at both introductory and more advanced competency levels.

The series is designed to take you through the procurement life-cycle and courses to compliment a program approach to learning.

By applying structured procurement and contract management processes, council procurement staff can:

  • reduce risks
  • increase value for money outcomes, and
  • drive efficiency through your council.

Building on foundation skill levels can increase supplier performance, innovation and commercial outcomes. Effective procurement and contract management can also build social and economic outcomes for the tax payer.

Good contract management practice is of vital importance for Victorian Local Governments, each of whom has a wide range of staff managing an incredibly diverse array of contracts and supplier arrangements.

Poor procurement can be career ending and even result in the suspension of a council.

Our Procurement and Contract Management Training series for Local Government is a program targeted at council managers and officers, as well as elected representatives.

Our Procurement and Contract Management series incorporates a variety of courses, designed to build general and more specific skills in procurement and contract management within the context of local government.

Based on sector demand, we have introduced a new course which is designed to be a roadmap in planning and executing collaborative procurement amongst regional groups and councils.

Please see below for more information on course information, dates and how to register.

2018 Procurement and Contract Management Training series

  • Planning and specification development: next course 7 May
    A one-day course outlining the principles of good practice procurement planning and specification development to ensure effective contractual arrangements.
  • Evaluation, supplier selection & contract establishment: next course 15 May
    A one-day course to learn key tips of setting up evaluation criteria aligned to probity and value for money to ensure the right supplier is selected.
  • Advanced contract management (2 days): next course 5 & 6 June
    A two-day advanced course for staff managing high-risk, complex contracts to better manage contract risks, increase innovation, reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  • AS4000 training: next course 12 June
    A one-day course to examine and address administration of AS 4000 and AS 4124 contracts in a local government environment to enable staff to select the best type of contract to meet their needs.
  • Collaborative procurement: next course 18 June
    A one-day course to improve understanding of what collaborative procurement is, how to recognise opportunities, how to manage the process and the steps to achieving a successful outcome.

Registration for any of the above courses is available online.


We offer self-directed E-learning courses for councils to train their procurement staff without having to leave their office. Councils can either access training online for individuals or host the courses on an internal intranet. This training has been designed specifically for local government and provides council staff with an understanding of best practice looks like in procurement operations and strategy. Find out more.

Procurement essentials

This course provides practical and insightful training on the end to end procurement process. It includes an overview of procurement, methodology, the different approaches to engage suppliers, governance, ethics and legislation as well as evaluation and selection considerations.

Contract management

This course is designed to provide the learner with techniques and tools to effectively manage supplier relationships. Commencing with an overview of why contract management is important, it covers the fundamental elements of good practice.

Probity for purchasing and procurement

An essential course for anyone who raises a purchase order, authorises a contract or procurement exercise or is involved in buying in any way.

Roles and responsibilities of an evaluation panel

Evaluation is an essential part of the procurement process. It’s important that your panel understands how to get the goods and services your council needs and this course provides procurement staff with the necessary tools and processes to get the most out of a tender.

Engage with us

For more information or enquiries about holding a training series at your council, MAV Procurement training and events, contact:

Ken Crompton
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