Councils Tackling Ageism campaign

Local government is well placed to raise community awareness about ageism and its impacts on older people.

Ageism is a problem in our community, it impacts the lives of older people affecting their confidence, quality of life, job prospects, health and control over life decisions and in the extreme is a factor contributing to elder abuse. Ageism impacts on the capacity of older people to participate fully in community life as respected and valued citizens.

The MAV is encouraging councils to become involved in the EveryAGE Counts campaign that aims to reduce ageism in our community. EveryAGE Counts is tackling ageism by shifting social norms and changing the way people think about ageing and older people.

We will be working to encourage elected representatives, directors, managers and staff at councils to commit to addressing ageism using the campaign tools provided by EveryAGE Counts, and taking other actions within their organisations and communities that will help people to better understand the negative impacts of ageism on older people.

Our work seeks to build on this social movement and involve all Victorian councils.


Resources to assist councils with this work are available for council communicators and healthy ageing staff, contact to arrange access.

Our advocacy


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