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The MAV's 2016 Stand for Council campaign launched on 5 May and aims to encourage community-minded citizens from all walks of life to nominate for the 22 October local government elections.

As part of the campaign, councils across Victoria hosted Candidate Information Sessions, run by the MAV. These sessions were a great way to provide election information to prospective candidates, with presentation content supplied by the Victorian Electoral Commission, along with presentations from a neighbouring council CEO and current councillors from other municipalities.

We also developed a suite of resources for councils to use to help promote the information sessions and the elections more broadly. These resources included postcards, posters, template media releases, sample social media posts, Stand for Council logos and advertising, which are available on our members-only website.

Councillor Survey Data thumbnailCouncillor survey data

The MAV conducted a survey between March and April 2016 with 170 elected councillors. Councillors were asked a series of questions about their experiences, such as motivations for standing for council and campaigning tactics used employed.

See: MAV Councillor Survey Data (PDF - 1.01MB)

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