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Linkedin partnership

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Twenty-eight councils have committed to a partnership brokered by the MAV with LinkedIn to help promote careers in local government and address key strategic issues for the sector.

The strategic issues facing the local government sector include skills shortages in key professional areas, lack of workforce trend data, an ageing workforce and difficulty in attracting and recruiting staff.

The partnership with LinkedIn, which launches in January 2018, provides councils individually with discounted access to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, as well as a sectorwide Local Government Victoria Talent Accelerator solution, which incorporates the following:

  • Creation of a Victorian local government branding hub within LinkedIn
  • Media content driving sector awareness
  • Aggregation of all partner council jobs to the LG branding hub
  • Automation of job posting from council websites onto the LinkedIn platform
  • Analytics and insights for councils and the sector as whole.

For more details on this partnership, contact the Marketing and Development Coordinator, Procurement.