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MAV disappointed by Central Goldfields Council dismissal

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The Minister for Local Government’s decision to sack Central Goldfields Shire Council is disappointing and will leave the community without elected local representation.

“While we acknowledge that this is the Minister’s prerogative, we question whether this drastic response is warranted, given the Inspectorate’s report was handed down just five days ago. The report identified poor governance practices, lack of internal controls, and inadequate policies and procedures,” MAV President Cr Mary Lalios said.

“These matters need to be addressed as a matter of urgency to restore public confidence that the council is upholding transparent and accountable good governance practices, and operating in the best interests of its community.

“However, the council should be provided with more time to implement changes before the drastic step of sacking the elected representatives is taken.

“As a matter of principle, dismantling a democratically elected government is never the ideal solution.

“The report findings substantially related to administrative issues over a long period of time, and not failings of the current councillors – two of whom were only elected in October last year.

“It would be a better outcome for the community if the municipal monitor appointed last month continued to work with councillors and the interim CEO to oversee improvements to governance processes, and the performance of administrative functions and statutory obligations.”

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