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Property valuations

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Following strong feedback from the MAV and councils, the Upper House of Parliament has supported the State Government’s amendments to remove Part 9 (Amendment of Valuation of Land Act 1960 and other Acts) from the State Taxation Amendments Bill.

Part 9 of the bill was proposing to centralise all property valuations with the Valuer General and to hold valuations annually instead of every two years. The State Opposition had also proposed amendments to remove this part of the bill.

Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings said the government would defer considerations until the spring sitting of Parliament. He indicated that until then, the government will continue working with the local government sector and the crossbench on the reforms.

The MAV will continue to work with the State Government, Opposition and other parties to ensure that the local government position is well represented and that councils are not negatively impacted if the matter is again considered by Parliament.