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Twitter lights up with #YourRatesAtWork showcasing diverse council services

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Local councils, their residents and local government stakeholders are lighting up Twitter today to showcase the important and diverse work of local government across Australia using the hashtag #YourRatesAtWork.

This is the second consecutive year that the local government sector has held a National Local Government Twitter Day, with last year’s event attracting more than 2,000 tweets from almost 500 Twitter accounts.

The President of the Australian Local Government Association, Mayor David O’Loughlin, said it was important to recognise the range of services provided by the sector which meet community needs that are not served federally or at a state level.

“Although we're dubbed the third tier of government, local government has led the way as the level of government that responds to the needs of our local communities. We’ve been looking after the needs of Australian communities since 1840, when councils first began providing roads, bridges, and public buildings,” he said.

“The sector has since evolved to become a well-developed national network of around 536 councils Australia-wide providing a range of more than 150 essential services to communities, which have broadened to areas such as recreation, health and welfare as communities’ demand for these services has grown.

“Many of these services are taken for granted, but they play an important role in strengthening local communities and ensuring greater social equity and inclusion.”

MAV President Cr Mary Lalios said councils formed the level of government closest to communities and the Twitter Day was a great way to showcase their diverse work.

“From the moment you step out your front door, almost everything you encounter has been delivered by your local council – the footpath you walk on, the trees on the nature strip, the local road you drive on, the streetlights guiding the way, and much more,” Cr Lalios said.

“Councils work hard to ensure their communities are happy and healthy, and they are proud to share stories of their great work today.”

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MAV contact: Cr Mary Lalios on 0447 189 409 or MAV Communications on 9667 5547.

ALGA contact: ALGA Communications (02) 6122 9400, Mayor David O'Loughlin available for interview.