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Council Careers Victoria launched

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Our Council Careers Victoria platform is now live on LinkedIn with 21 councils already connected and more than 100 jobs listed – and a further 13 councils in the process of coming on-board.

Last year, a partnership was brokered by the MAV with LinkedIn which will help promote careers in local government and address key employment issues for Victorian councils, including skills shortages in key professional areas, lack of workforce trend data, ageing workforce and difficulty in attracting and recruiting staff.

The partnership with LinkedIn provides councils individually with discounted access to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, as well as a local government Talent Accelerator solution for Victoria, which incorporates:

  • the Victorian local government branding hub within LinkedIn
  • traffic driver ads attracting talent to the page
  • media content driving sector awareness
  • individual council job slot allocation – aggregating all council jobs to the LG branding hub
  • automation of job posting onto the LinkedIn platform
  • analytics and insights for councils and the sector as whole
  • ongoing governance and strategic input from a steering group comprising council staff, MAV and LinkedIn.

We encourage all council staff to have a look, follow and share this page which will assist in raising awareness of the employment opportunities available in the local government sector.

For councils who are not currently participating but are interested to join the platform, please contact the Marketing & Development Coordinator , Procurement or Andrew Green, LinkedIn.