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Councils not banning books or toys

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Cr Mary Lalios, President of the Municipal Association of Victoria confirmed that no books or toys would be banned as a result of work by some councils to encourage children to grow up believing that boys and girls are equal.

“There will be no book or toy bans. Kids will continue to read childhood classics like Thomas the Tank Engine at their local library, kinder and childcare centre.

“We want to expand – not ban – the types of stories accessed by our kids to show experiences beyond gender stereotypes, such as girls being the hero who saves the day and boys staying inside on a rainy day to bake.

“Prevention strategies to improve gender equality is key to ending violence against women. This is recognised by the World Health Organisation, the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Australian and Victorian governments.

“Education and care settings for children are identified in Australia’s national framework as a priority area because they have an important role in the socialisation, cognitive and emotional development of our young people.

“As a society we need to work together to end the epidemic levels of violence against women and children that results in a police call-out every two minutes in Australia.

“Access to a wider range of books is one small step to help our current generation of children to challenge gender stereotypes, and to grow up believing that men and women are equal,” she said.

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