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More than just roads, rates & rubbish

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Current and past MAV Presidents Mary Lalios and Dick Gross have teamed up to create a video detailing some of the services councils provide that aren't the "three Rs" of roads, rates and rubbish.

The video is designed to promote the work councils do with libraries, sporting facilities, child care, aged care, and many other aspects of everyday community life.

Local government can’t afford to be extravagant – and you will see that this video is far from it. But councils are good at doing more with less, and will resort to cheap shots at Tom Elliott (a really good sport) to make a point. No ratepayer funds were used to produce this video.

View the video below, or via our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also listen to the 3AW interview with Dick Gross where Tom Elliott helps to promote the video to his listeners, or read about how The Mandarin thinks that we won't win an Oscar.

More than just roads, rates & rubbish from MAV on Vimeo.