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What’s happening in LEAP?

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In the last year, the LEAP Program has grown significantly with numerous developments providing even more value to member councils.


In the last six months, we have welcomed Frankston City Council, Whitehorse City Council, Yarra Ranges Council, Port Phillip City Council, Maroondah City Council, Loddon Shire Council and Glenelg Shire Council to the program. We now have a total number of 40 participating councils, which is just over half the councils in Victoria taking part in MAV Procurement’s ongoing efficiency program.


Up until 2018, the LEAP Program’s Development Plans were provided as an excel file spreadsheet, which had potential for version control issues between Councils, MAV and ArcBlue. We now deliver plans online as an editable spreadsheet, accessible in the same location as the ArcBlue Dashboards. All updates made by council appear in real-time to all users who have access to the council dashboard. No more emailing of excel files and version control issues.

In addition to the development plans going online, LEAP councils now have a savings plan dashboard where teams can track hard and soft savings achieved from procurement activities.

In August, we began rolling the new KPI dashboard, which allows councils to benchmark their procurement activities against the local government sector and their council’s past performance. This dashboard is being rolled-out to all participating councils in the months to come.

The team at ArcBlue is currently in the final development stages of the next evolution of the LEAP program. LEAP Plus will provide councils with two new optional dashboards which serve different purposes.

The first option will be a Social Procurement Dashboard, which will give councils access to Indigenous suppliers and social enterprises within their region. This dashboard is worth considering if your council has a mandatory weighting for local spend, Indigenous procurement or social procurement.

The second option in LEAP Plus provides council with a specific spend, savings plan and dashboard based on their accounts payable data.

Watch this space for more news about LEAP Plus as further developments take place.

For more information about the LEAP Program, please contact Ken Crompton on (03) 9667 5587.