Conflicts of interest

The provisions relating to conflicts of interest for councillors are set out in Division 1A of Part 4 of the Local Government Act 1989.

The provisions cover:

  • direct interests
  • indirect interest by close association
  • indirect financial interests
  • indirect interest because of conflicting duties
  • indirect interest because of receipt of an applicable gift
  • indirect interest as a consequence of becoming an interested party
  • indirect interest because of an impact on residential amenity
  • disclosure of conflicts
  • a conflicting personal interest
  • identify certain situations where a  councillor is not taken to have a conflict
  • requirements at an assembly of councillors

LGV has produced a Conflict of Interest guide for Councillors (October 2012) to assist councillors to understand and apply various aspects of the provisions. MAV staff are available to provide assistance to councillors on specific issues.