Early years infrastructure planning and funding

In April 2018 we repeated our snapshot survey of council investment in early years facilities, following on from previous surveys undertaken in 2014 and 2009.

This snapshot provides an overview of the current local government capital investment in kindergarten, maternal and child health and integrated early years facilities.  The survey was completed by 80 per cent of Victorian councils, with the results confirming that councils have increased their planning and investment efforts in early childhood infrastructure.

  • Since 2014, councils have doubled their overall investment, with $478 million of council funds spent on early years infrastructure.
  • More council facilities are being built on school sites and the number of councils with facility plans has doubled
  • There has been a significant increase in investment in integrated hubs and kindergartens.

Snapshot of council investment


1. Total council investment
Estimated council investment over past four years



2. Total state investment
Total state investment over past four years



3. Total worth of council kindergartens, MCH and integrated hubs



4. Predictions of $$ needed for growth



The total worth of local government’s early years facilities is now estimated at $1.9 billion, which excludes the additional investment that councils have made in playgroups, long day care and neighbourhood house facilities. Many community-based early childhood programs and initiatives operate from these facilities.

Councils’ early childhood facilities are now an average age of 70 years. An estimated $500 million is needed by councils to cater for growth and modernisation of facilities. The MAV will use this information for our ongoing advocacy and partnership work with the Government to secure better facilities for our young children.

Further information

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