Building Inclusive Communities

The partnership with the State and local government ensures resources have been directed to building inclusive communities.

The Building Inclusive Communities Program works in partnership with local organisations, businesses and the broader community to develop new ways of including people with a disability in the life of their communities.

The Building Inclusive Communities Program includes RuralAccess and MetroAccess, and is a statewide program funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, delivered in partnership predominantly with local government.

RuralAccess is delivered through 26 councils and community health services in regional and rural Victoria. Many RuralAccess Officers cover more than one local government area. MetroAccess is delivered through the 31 metropolitan councils.

Many of these workers are active participants in the Victorian Local Government Disability Planners Network (VLGDPN) which is convened at the MAV every six weeks and is a key network for liaising and support with local government officers developing community inclusion.

We host the distribution list for this network.