After hours call handling service

Contract number: CH8311-2015
Contract expiry: 31 May 2020
Extensions available: None
Contract manager: Charlotte Rutherford (03) 9667 5554
Contract engagement: Direct supplier engagement. Details on pricing are uploaded onto VendorPanel.
Scope of contract: Core services include: After hours call handling, Business hours overflow and service disruption call handling and Online data reporting.
Support services include: Pager network management, Personal answering services, Self-managed SMS, Lone worker monitoring and After hours monitoring of social media and dedicated customer service email platforms.

Accessing contracts

To access any MAV contract, complete the contract access request form (PDF - 206KB).


Oracle Customer Management Solutions

Oracle CMS logoAddress: Level 1, 90 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray VIC 3011
Contact: Kali Gayle
Telephone: 03 9947 4600

Oracle customers receive the following: after hours service, disaster recovery, My Council services, hard waste, SMS, animal registration, facilities management, business continuity and web development.